Hiring a private jet seems like a dream that comes true only when you are super rich, but that’s not always the case – especially in our modern times. The small jet charter is something to look into if you are financially sound and are planning anything from a quick business trip to a stag party to a close by destination. If you work out the logistics of a small private jet, you might just be able to pull it off at really attractive prices –  and here’s how you get going. As the name indicates, we’re going to talk about the smallest of private jets. These are called very light jets and their private flights are as affordable as can be – as long as you’ve got an excellent chartering service to take care of the details for you. Thankfully, we’ve selected the very best on the market below:

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Those in the private aviation industry were pretty excited when these models came on board because it expanded the customer base and brought in more business.

small jet charter

Very light jets or VLJs are pretty much entry-level jet planes. They are also referred to as turboprop airplanes. But do not underestimate the safety, comfort or luxury these babies can provide. There are a variety of benefits to owning or traveling in a VLJ.

Benefits of a Small Jet

  • Turboprops are light, easier to maintain, cheaper than the bigger jets and sometimes travel at an astonishing speed for their size.
  • They are a popular choice for short-distance travel and come with the added benefit of landing on smaller airstrips and runways. This means you can access remote areas and you never know when that might come in handy.
  • They are cost effective and efficient at the same time.
  • They have the amenities and standards of a light jet minus the physical heft.
  • They provide flights to remote places that are usually not served by commercial airlines.

Typically, a small jet charter consists of turboprop planes like Embraer Phenom 100, which can carry four passengers without cabin attendants. They reach a speed of 390 miles per hour and have an on-board bathroom.

Small jets like Eclipse 500, on the other hand, also have the same capacity but can reach a speed of up to 425 miles per hour. If you look into small jet charters, there are a selection of companies with well-maintained jets and crew with enough flying hours to take care of your needs – as we’ve shown above. Just remember that it has a small fuel tank and be sure not to stretch its limits, but the chartering service will absolutely take care of those details for you anyway.

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