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single engine private jetOwning a jet is a great way of traveling independently and it is full of advantages. No more waiting in lines, full-on privacy, and the freedom to take your family and friends anywhere. However, there are just way too many private jets in the market, so where do you go from there? Our suggestion? Single-engine private jets! Why is that? Think about the combination of a light jet that can land on most airstrips with the modern technology, safety, and reliability of a powerful single engine, and you’ve got your answer.

These jets are absolute gems. They have a more comfortable, elegant, practical, and friendly environment than your typical jet. This is why, in order to help you find your match, we have put together a list of the best 5 single-engine private jets, from the most expensive to the cheapest.

You can learn more about the top 5 single-engine private jets, even though we’ll leave you with the top entry, right away:

What is the best single-engine private jet in the world?

The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is the world’s best single-engine private jet, with a cost ranging between $3 and $3.5 million. Its single Williams turbofan puts it on the top of this list, along with its modern Garmin systems.

Best Single Engine Private Jets

The bar chart above shows that, along with the SF50 Vision Jet ($3.5 million), the Stratos 716x ($3 million) and the Flaris LAR01 ($2 million) make up the list for the top 3 world’s best single-engine private jets. There is a reason for the low number of jets in this list. The industry behind single-engine aircraft is quite developed and popular, however, the leap to single-engine jets is quite difficult and a challenge a lot of jet companies have been trying to make, in the last few years. Some succeeded, some didn’t pass the development phase and some had to file for bankruptcy, even before starting production. That’s what makes these jets even more special.

Learn more about these great jets, as well as about all the other entries – just keep reading our article!

Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet – $3 – $3.5 million

Cirrus Vision Jet - best single engine private jets

Image by Anna Zvereva

This single-engine jet was originally designed by Cirrus Aircraft and is equipped with a single Williams FJ33-4A-19 turbofan, meaning it can reach a speed of 560 km per hour, with a range of around 1,200nmi. The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is the first jet to install a safe return autoland system, produced by Garmin. Being single-engine, this jet burns less fuel, which therefore provides less carbon emission and overall costs.

The SF50 Vision Jet is modern, able to carry up to seven passengers, and fully secure, having a whole-aircraft ballistic parachute system for emergencies. Its interior measures 5.1 feet wide and 4.1 feet tall, with all the utilities you’ll need, like USB ports, power outlets, a screen tv, and even cup holders. It’s considered one of the cheapest private jets on the market.

Stratos 716x – $3 million

Stratos 716x - best single engine private jets

Image Courtesy of Stratos Aircraft

Launched in 2018, the Stratos 716x is powered by an overhauled, 3.000 lbf, JT15D-5 engine, and its avionics system is the Garmin G3X. It is mainly made of carbon composite and Nomex honeycomb. Able to carry six passengers, the 716x has an overall range of 1,200nm. Furthermore, when carrying four passengers, it can reach a range of 1,500nm, when it has max payload, it reaches 1034nm, and when it carries the pilot, alone, the range goes up to 2106nm.

The cabin is 4.8 feet wide, 4.6 feet tall, with 15 feet in length. This jet has over 30 inches of legroom in every row of seats, making it pretty comfortable during flights. It’s comfortable and modern, and it can be configured in several different ways, making sure it suits everyone and every taste.

Flaris LAR01 – $1.8 – $2 million

FLARIS LAR 1 - best single engine private jets

Image Courtesy of Flaris Aircraft

Known as the LAR-1, the Flaris LAR01 is a very light single-engine jet, developed in Poland. This jet is composed of a single Williams FJ33-5A engine, and it’s the only jet able to take off and land on small grass airstrips. Its avionics system is the Garmin G600, and it’s equipped with a landing system, terrain awareness, and warning systems. It can usually reach 1,730nm, however, with maximum payload, it only reaches 1,200nm, even though it can go to 1,400nm with two people and luggage.

It is mostly built with carbon fiber, and it contains a safety parachute, known as the ballistic rescue parachute system. It’s operated with an ECU computer, which allows a significant reduction of fuel use and gas emissions. Lastly, it can transport up to 5 people, including the pilot. The Flaris is extremely safe and with its elegant interior, it is considered one of the best single-engine jets – don’t forget it’s also environmentally friendly!

Diamond D-jet – $1.39 million

Diamond D-Jet - best single engine private jets

Image by Georges Seguin (Okki)

Developed by Diamond Aircraft Industries, the Diamond D-Jet is a light jet, composed of a single engine, the Williams FJ33-5A engine, and it can fly to a max speed of 583 km per hour. The Avionics system is the Garmin G1000 and its max range is 1,320nm. It has a de-icing system, to help cool down the jet, as well as a few other active and passive safety procedures.

It seats up to five people, the interior is one of the most spacious for this model, and with a considerable area for luggage, the dual-rear seats can be folded down completely, creating even more space. Since it’s lightweight, this jet can access smaller airfields, combining efficiency and comfortability like no other.

Eclipse 400 – $1.35 million

Eclipse 400 - best single engine private jets

Image by D. Miller

The Eclipse 400 is a small, lightweight, single-engine jet developed by Eclipse Aviation Corporation. Its engine is a PW615F turbofan and contains the most recent avionics technology, with a max range of 1,256nm. This jet is composed of a single-level control system, which makes it easier to handle, and it also comes with a few important features, such as a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, a Garmin 100 GPS, and even a backup camera.

The cabin is fairly ample, modern, and quite elegant. It can be equipped to the owner’s requirements, especially the interior details. Safe to fly, the Eclipse 400 can take up to 5 passengers comfortably, and since it is a small aircraft, it can land at any airport of preference.

Single and Light Is The Way To Go

If you made it this far, you already know why these single-engine private jets are full of advantages. You don’t need to spend a pot of gold to fly comfortably, since there are models made to suit different wallets. The only thing left to do is choose your favorite one and take your loved ones for a ride in style.

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