One thing that the aviation industry has long been attempting is to make private jet travel more affordable. In order to achieve this, several new options have cropped up that are making private jet travel more accessible to a wider range of folks, and one of them is shared private jet charters.

shared private jet charterIn a shared private jet charter, passengers can buy seats on a private jet (as a group, family or individually), whether it’s on a charter flight or a shuttle. Needless to say, this seat-sharing brings down costs majorly.

A shared private jet charter is extremely common when it comes to major events, such as the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show or the Super Bowl. Passengers traveling to such events generally share the same schedules and are more than willing to share cabins to bring down the costs. It can get tricky to find these awesome shared private jet charters though but worry not – any of our recommended services below will make it quick and easy:

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Though you’re paying lesser, you’re still enjoying all the perks that come with flying in a private jet, such as avoiding crowded airports, saving time, ample space for you and your baggage, taking along your beloved pet and traveling in luxury!

However, a shared private jet charter also has its downsides, mainly the loss of flexibility in your schedule. Since you’re sharing your flight, you’ll have to stick to a common take-off time and route, and won’t be able to dictate any changes during the flight.

Additionally, many operators require your subscription or membership before you can share a flight. Put together this cost, as well as the cost of the seat on the flight, and you may as well travel solo. You also don’t get to pick which aircraft you’ll fly in.

Lastly, since you’ll be sharing the cabin with others, there’s a high chance the vibe inside is going to be awkward since private jets are mostly designed for groups and seats face each other. You may also end up waiting long periods in the lounge for all passengers to arrive before take-off can happen, so the perk of saving time can get lost.

Even though a shared private jet charter is cost effective, it can also take away from the experience of flying in a private jet – it always depends on the situation and on your preference too but it truly is a fantastic way to save some money while still getting a luxurious experience.

3 thoughts on “Shared Private Jet Charter”

  1. Bryan Kenneth Reed

    Looking for a shared jet to chambery lyon geneva or grenoble in january for 2 to 3 weekstay for 2 of us with 1 dog

  2. Maria Grace Galati

    I am flying with an anxious/nervous dog. very gentle but i am not sure he can get through the hassle/crowds of an international airport. looking to share private for myself with another adult (and Hank), to fort lauderdale from toronto. looking at mid january to mid february. flexible dates/times.
    thank you,

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