A luxury private jet charter is one of the most exciting, comfortable and unforgettable ways of traveling whether it’s for work or leisure. Chartering a private luxury jet is certainly not something that is possible for everyone, but one might be surprised by how cost effective the experience can be at times.

luxury private jet charterA private luxury jet charter is a way to get to your destination faster, in unbeatable class and comfort, without the added hassle of being stuck in traffic on the freeway or standing in long queues at the airport. If you are traveling with a few people, at times you can rent a private luxury jet charter and one might find that splitting the cost is not as expensive as one might have expected.

Finding fantastic private luxury jet charters is, these days, quick, easy, effective and attractively priced as long as you use an excellent service – and we’ve got our top recommendations compared below:

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This luxurious way of traveling also offers more space for everyone on board. You can have more space to spread your legs out and the flight also provides catering. The following are the types of private luxury jets you can charter:
  • Air Taxi: An air taxi is a small, lightweight plane that can take 2-3 passengers on board. This is ideal for a short flight, typically not longer than an hour.
  • Light Jet: A light jet can do slightly longer distances and can accommodate up to five people typically.
  • Midsize: A midsize jet has wider cabin space and can accommodate up to nine people. This is a good option if you are traveling with a slightly larger group and need longer flying hours.
  • Super Midsize: A super-midsize jet is the best option for doing long-distance flights if you have to fly over six hours. You will not need to stop to refuel and will be able to enjoy the large plane. These planes can typically accommodate up to 12 passengers.
  • Heavy Jet: A heavy jet is able to cover long distances and is good for long intercontinental flights. These are large jets that can accommodate up to 14 people.
  • Bonus: Empty Legs: If renting private jets seem to be too expensive, you can always consider an empty leg flight. These are private jets that have made a one-way trip and are returning to base empty, or are about to make a one-way trip to the passenger pick up point, but are flying there empty. They’re usually available at very discounted prices and can still deliver a beautifully luxurious experience.

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