The namesake of one of America’s most accomplished, popular and interesting aviators, the Wiley Post Airport is one of the 149 public airports in Oklahoma City. Commonly used for general aviation, over 400 aircraft call the airports leased hangars their base – hence why Wiley Post private jet charters are popular.

wiley post private jet charterOwned by the city and operated by the Oklahoma City Airport Trust, this public airport sits 7 miles northwest of Oklahoma’s bustling business district and with over 70,000 flight operations annually, is the main general aviation airport in the city.

From the rich history behind its name to its many facilities, here’s all you need to know about American jet charter Wiley Post.

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About the Wiley Post Airport

As mentioned earlier, Wiley Post takes its name from aviator Wiley Hardeman Post, the first pilot to fly solo around the world, the man behind the discovery of jet streams and one of the engineers of the first pressure suit to be developed.

Though Post lost his life in an air crash in 1935, the airport, built in 1942, takes his name as a tribute to the colorful aviator.

Facilities at Wiley Post

The Wiley Post Airport features 3 runways with both asphalt and concrete surfaces and covers approximately 1100 acres.

Currently, around 456 airplanes are based here, a mix of helicopters, single and multiple-engine airplanes and turboprops that also includes 82 twin-engine planes and 73 jet airplanes.

Apart from general aviation, the airport provides transient general aviation, military and air taxi. It is also a popular hub for private jets, especially business and corporate American jet charters to Wiley Post.

To meet the demand for business hangars, the airport set aside 40 acres in its northern end in the early 2000s, extending taxiways and improving the runway lighting system, in addition to adding more roads and taxiways.

Attractions Near Wiley Post Airport

Taking an American jet charter to Wiley Post will let you visit the following cultural attractions:

  • The Oklahoma Museum of Flying
  • National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
  • Henry Overholser Mansion
  • American Banjo Museum
  • 99’s Museum of Women Pilots
  • The Gold Dome
  • Harn Homestead
  • Oklahoma City Zoo
  • Oklahoma City National Memorial
  • Bricktown
  • Myriad Botanical Gardens

If the time permits, you can even drive down to Tulsa or Bethany.

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