Also popularly known as the “Air Capital of the World”, Wichita is Kansas State’s largest city. Located on the Arkansas River in south-central Kansas.

wichita ks private jet charterWichita was a cattle drive destination, which earned it its moniker, “Cowtown.” Today, it is a major manufacturing hub that builds aircrafts such as Cessna, Boeing, etc. This Kansas city is worth a visit and you can depend on a Wichita KS private jet charter to take you to and from the city in complete style and comfort.

After a relaxing flight on a private jet charter to Wichita, KS, you will be ready to tackle your business meetings and explore the attractions of the city with renewed vigor.

Private Jet Charters To/From Wichita KS

To charter a flight to Wichita KS or from it, be sure to use one of our top recommended services below:

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Airports for Wichita KS Private Jet Charters

There are many airports in and around Wichita that can be used for a private jet charter service such as:

  • Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport (ICT): Also called Eisenhower National Airport or by its original name, Wichita Mid-Continent Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Kansas State and is situated 7 miles from downtown Wichita.
  • Colonel James Jabara Airport (AAO): The airport is situated around 9 miles from the central business district of Wichita.

Cultural Attractions of Wichita

  • Wichita Art Museum: Founded in 1915 the art museum showcases the works by famous artists.
  • Music Theater Wichita: Established in 1972, the summer musical theater has produced more than 200 productions on Broadway scale.
  • Wichita Symphony Orchestra: Established in 1944, the WSO is the oldest Symphony Orchestra in Kansas.
  • Old Cowtown Museum: Located in central Wichita, the museum was founded in 1952 and is among the oldest open-air museums of history in the U.S.
  • Mid-America All-Indian Center: This museum showcases the history and culture of Native Americans.
  • Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum: The museum is dedicated to showcasing the local history of Wichita.
  • The Museum of World Treasures: The word history museum has a diverse collection of dinosaur specimens, signatures of American presidents, Egyptian mummies, a portion of the Berlin Wall and a shrunken head.
  • Botanica, The Wichita Gardens: Spread across 17.6 acres, the botanical garden was opened in 1987 and has a large and diverse collection of tropical plants, flower gardens and trees.

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