Teterboro is a borough in the state of New Jersey. This is one of the smallest boroughs in the state and as of the last census in 2010 has a population of 67 people. Yet, the borough has a thriving business and survives in its own right. A Teterboro private jet charter is one of the best ways to get to the borough because the airport is one of the most famous in this part of the country.

teterboro private jet charterThe Teterboro Airport is the oldest airport to have come up in the New York City area. The airport dates back to the First World War when the land was used to operate a manufacturing plant. Since then the airport has changed hands a few times but today it operates as a general aviation relief airport.

A Teterboro private jet charter is also a popular way for several celebrities to arrive in New York without causing a stampede at the airport. The Teterboro Airport is relatively quieter compared to the other major airports and has far lesser traffic. In fact, one of the most iconic photos of rock band Led Zeppelin, in front of their private passenger jet, The Starship, has been taken at the Teterboro Airport. The following are some of the things you may want to know if you are booking a Teterboro private jet charter.

Private Jet Charters To/From Teterboro

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Airports for Flights to and from Teterboro

There are 3 airports for flights to and from Teterboro.

  • Teterboro Airport: Teterboro Airport, as has been described above, is the major airport for this borough and also one of the biggest cultural attractions. It is 1 mile away from the center of the borough.
  • LaGuardia Airport: LaGuardia Airport is located 18 miles from the borough and is one of the biggest international airports in the area. It is a major airport in Queens, New York.
  • Newark Airport: Newark Airport is another major airport in the area. It is located in Newark, New Jersey, and is 18 miles from Teterboro.

Cultural Attractions of Teterboro

  • Aviation Hall of Fame: This is a museum founded in 1972 that presents New Jersey’s rich aviation history and space heritage.
  • Overpeck County Park: This is an 811-acre park in Bergen County, New Jersey that offers stunning sights and a great place for families to enjoy some fresh air.
  • Saddle River County Park: This is a 596-acre park that stretches out alongside the Saddle River and its tributaries. It has five interconnected park areas.
  • Berry’s Creek: A tributary of the Hackensack River in New Jersey’s Bergen County, the site is home to wildlife of various kinds and is known for its wetlands.

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