San Jose is home to a lot of tech companies like Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s also a place of great luxury which means access to world-class amenities.

san jose private jet charterSpeaking of which, taking the private jet charter to San Jose is also a good bet because of its proximity to San Francisco and every hotspot for both businesses and cultural affairs. All that Silicon Valley wealth is put to good use all around and San Jose private jet charters are highly popular due to the affluent population.

Whether you’re flying into San Jose or cruising out for a weekend at Santa Cruz or other excellent choices in Northern California, it’s by far the best way to get in and out of San Jose.

Private Jet Charters To/From San Jose

To charter a flight to San Jose or from it, be sure to use one of our top recommended services below:

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Airports for San Jose Private Jet Charters

There are two main airports that carry the load from the private jet charter San Jose. Each of them is well serviced by the fixed-base operators or FBOs on site.

  • San Jose International: This is San Jose’s largest airport and sees a footfall of millions coming in and out. It’s a popular choice for personal and executive travel, preferred even over the San Francisco International Airport for its flexible scheduling, especially by those flying private. It has two FBOs called Signature Flight Support and Atlantic Aviation to serve the private jet charter San Jose.
  • San Carlos Airport: This is just two miles from the city center and is a good alternative to the airport in SF as well as San Jose International because it is low key. It takes care of 98% of general aviation and is preferred by private jet charters. It has one FBO called Rabbit Aviation Services.

Main Cultural Attractions in San Jose

There’s a ton of things to see and do in San Jose. Here’s a sneak peek.

  • Municipal Rose Garden: It’s been here since 1927 and is one of the most visited places in the city. There’s a seemingly endless line of roses that soothes the soul. It’s also a great place for a photoshoot.
  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum: Next up is the place with the largest collection of authentic ancient Egyptian artifacts in western North America. You can check out daily life and afterlife exhibits here along with a full-size alchemy lab reproduction.
  • Downtown San Jose: This place is always busy and is a mix of culture and history. The sidewalks are lined with beautiful cafes and boutiques. Whether you want to do light shopping or sit in quiet contemplation, there’s a corner for you.

Now you have no reason not to get going!

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