Whether you’re flying into California or leaving the state, a smooth private jet charter to or from Sacramento has everything you need.

sacramento private jet charterPlus, Sacramento itself is a true beauty – especially due to its fantastic coastal weather that is a delight, so don’t forget to look outside the window as you land! And if you’re from there and flying out, take a last look until you get back.

Whether it’s business or pleasure, a Sacramento private jet charter is well equipped to take you in and out of the city with impressive efficiency and ease. Now let’s look at your airport options.

Private Jet Charters To/From Sacramento

To charter a flight to Sacramento or from it, be sure to use one of our top recommended services below:

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Airports in and around Sacramento

There are a total of six airports with fixed-base operators or FBOs to service the Private jet charter Sacramento. Four of those are in Sacramento and two are nearby. FBOs take care of fueling, parking, maintenance and inspection of private jets in coordination with the airport.

  • Sacramento International Airport: This is about 12 miles northwest of downtown Sacramento and has only one FBO called the Sacramento International Jet Center. It services corporate and private aircraft.
  • Sacramento Executive Airport: The second of the private jet charter Sacramento is about three miles south of the business district of Sacramento. It has one FBO called Sacramento Executive Jet Center.
  • Sacramento Mather Airport: Also called Mather Airport, it is 12 miles east of downtown Sacramento. It has one FBO called Atlantic Aviation Flight Support.
  • McClellan Airfield: It is about six miles northeast of the business district of Sacramento and has one full-service FBO called McClellan Jet Services.
  • Stockton Metropolitan Airport: This one is not in Sacramento but is just three miles southeast of Stockton. It is about 56 miles southeast of downtown Sacramento and has one FBO called Atlantic Aviation.
  • Modesto City-County Airport: This is about 80 miles from Sacramento in the business district of Modesto. It is also called Harry Sham Field.

Main Cultural Attractions in Sacramento

California’s capital city Sacramento is quite lovely. It is 93 miles northeast of San Franciso and has a ton of places that will keep you engaged.

  • State Capitol: It might sound dull but this building was built in the 1860s and in a neoclassical style. It has colorful gardens over several blocks and is absolutely beautiful to look at. It’s one of the best Capitol buildings in the country and has a museum too.
  • California State Railroad Museum: Our friend Sheldon Cooper (from the TV show The Big Bang Theory) told us about this place. And like he says, “if you have one day in California, make it a train day”.
  • Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park: Heads up history fans. Restored in its original style, this place has items that once belonged to the town’s founder. It has a magical background story too. But we’ll leave it to you to find it out.

Make no excuses. Fire up the jet and soak in some of that sunny California weather.

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