A private jet charter is one of the most luxurious and comfortable ways of getting around. You can get to your destination with far less hassle and without standing around in queues. Checking in is a lot more straightforward and can proceed to your flight straight from an exclusive terminal.

private jet charter near meTo be able to charter a jet, you do not necessarily need to be an owner. If that were the case, very few people in the world would have experienced a private flying experience. However, while the service may still remain elite, it is still a lot more accessible than one might imagine. A simple Google search with ‘jet charter near me’ will offer several options of brokers around you who can arrange a flight.

A search for a jet charter near me is a convenient way of finding area-specific brokers and services. The following are some popular jet charter brokerage services that your search may throw up.

Private Jet Charter Near Me

Some of the popular jet charter services that one may find around them in the United States, include:

Jet Company Private Jet Finder Villiers Jets Vida Jets Stratos Jet Charters Lucky Jets
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Regions Covered Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide To/From Las Vegas
Flight Ready In 1.5 Hours 2 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours Varies
Jet Fleet Very Light to Heavy Very Light to Heavy Very Light to Heavy Very Light to Heavy Very Light to Heavy
Safety Certification ARG/US ARG/US ARG/US ARG/US FAA
Quick Quotes
24/7 Service
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  • Villiers Jets: Villiers Jet is a service based in London, United Kingdom. It has over 10,000 aircraft in its fleet and the network is operational in over 40,000 locations.
  • Vida Jets: Vida Jets is a service that offers first-class charter service. The service has over 6,000 aircraft in its fleet and can arrange for a private jet in four hours’ notice.
  • Private Jet Finder: Private Jet Finder is a service that offers comfortable and safe journeys. The service is available in over 170 countries.
  • ViroFLY: ViroFLY is a service that has access to 10,000 aircraft in its fleet. In addition to private jets, the service offers empty leg flights and other services like exclusive concierge, catering services, airport transportation and more.
  • Stratos Jets: Stratos Jets is a service that offers luxurious flights. This is an ARGUS-certified broker that offers the safest flying services.
  • Lucky Jets: Lucky Jets is a service that offers luxurious flights to Las Vegas from 47 states in the United States and also from countries like Mexico and Canada.

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