lunken airport private jet charterCincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport is a city-owned airport in Cincinnati, Ohio. The airport is also called Lunken Field or Lunken Airport. The airport is situated around 3 miles southeast to Cincinnati downtown.

Lunken Airport is the 2nd largest airport in Cincinnati after the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and serves a few commercial flights, corporate and private jet charters.

Private Jet Charters To/From Lunken Airport

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History of Lunken Airport

Until 1947, Lunken Field was the main airport in Cincinnati. The airport is situated in the valley of Little Miami, near Columbia River, which was the site of the 1st settlement area in Cincinnati. When the airport was first established, with around 1,000 acres, Lunken Field was considered as one of the largest municipal airports in the world; however, many other airports have overtaken Lunken Airport since then.

The airport was named after Edmund H. Lunken, a renowned industrialist, who was the founder of the Lunkenheimer Valve Company. The airfield was used initially in 1921 for flying lessons that were offered by John Dixon Davis (aka Dixie). In 1925, the Embry-Riddle Co. was formed at the Lunken Field by John Paul Riddle and Higbee Embry and after a few years, the company shifted to Florida.

T. E. Halpin Development Co., which was later known as Metal Aircraft Corporation manufactured high wing Flamingo aircraft at Lunken Field. In the same year, Aeronca Aircraft Corporation was established to manufacture cheap light aircraft and more than 500 C2 and C3 planes were built here. During WWII, Lunken Field served as the I Concentration Command headquarters before it was transferred to the Air Transport Command.

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport replaced Lunken Field after the airport and airfield were flooded during the Ohio River flood in 1937 and also the introduction of larger sized aircrafts required longer runways. The airport was designated as a reliever airport by the FAA in 1964 and in 1967, the name Lunken Field was officially changed to Lunken Airport.

Today, Lunken Airport has 3 runways and many Cincinnati-based corporations make use of Lunken airport for their corporate flights because of the proximity of the airport to downtown Cincinnati. There are also several private jet charters at Lunken airport that operate to and from the airport.

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