Situated in central Santa Ana, Orange County, California is the John Wayne Airport. The airport is located around 2 miles from Newport Beach and the Pacific Ocean beaches. Named after the popular American actor, John Wayne, the airport you can get to the renowned Disneyland from the airport in just 20 minutes.

john wayne airport private jet charterThe John Wayne airport is the only airport to serve commercial aircraft and it also serves private jet charters. There are 2 FBOs that serve private jet charters at the John Wayne Airport. Because of its proximity and easy access, John Wayne Airport is ideal for business travelers and vacationers to places such as Newport Beach, Disneyland and Huntington Beach.

This is also a popular choice for private jet charters in John Wayne Airport because although it is around 40 miles away, it has lesser congestion and more facilities compared to LAX Airport and the lower fuel costs make the airport more cost effective for landing and take offs.

Private Jet Charters To/From John Wayne Airport

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History of John Wayne Airport

Originally called Eddie Martin Airport, John Wayne Airport was opened by Eddie Martin, the aviation pioneer in 1923. Eddie Martin ran a flying school from the airport and in 1926, he built the 1st aircraft hangar here. In the year 1935, Howard Hughes flew the flight that broke the world speed record from the Eddie Martin Airport.

In 1939, the airport was purchased from Eddie Martin by Orange County and the airport was renamed as Orange County Airport. During WWII, the airfield was controlled by the American army; however, the airport was returned to Orange County when the war ended. During the 1950s, the airport was renamed as the John Wayne – Orange County Airport in 1979 after the renowned actor, John Wayne who lived in Newport Beach.

Although John Wayne Airport is not a very busy airport, it is usually preferred by travelers, especially those taking a private jet charter find that the airport offers everything for a comfortable and relaxed flight.

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