Located around 2 miles from Bedford, Massachusetts central business district, the Laurence G. Hanscom Field or commonly called Hanscom Field is an airport for public use. Run by the Massachusetts Port Authority, Hanscom is the largest general airport in New England – and a fantastic place to fly in and out, hence why Hanscom private jet charters are popular.

hanscom private jet charterHanscom Field is spread across 1,125 acres of land and is at an elevation of 40 m above sea level. The airport has 2 asphalt runways that can be used by private jets in charter Hanscom and are also used by the Hanscom Air Force Base, which is essentially a defense-based research facility located near Hanscom Field.

Hanscom Field is commonly used for training and has over 40 rental aircraft. The terminal building has 2 flight schools, Mike Goulian Aviation and East Coast Aero Club. Mike Goulian Aviation offers rental of airplanes and also instruction, while East Coast Aero Club provides airplane and helicopter rental, instruction and aerobatics. There are 3 FBOs at the airport where travelers can rent a private jet charter to Hanscom.

Today, Hanscom plays a vital role in the infrastructure for air transportation for both Massachusetts, as well as New England. Hanscom has emerged as a viable alternative to Logan International Airport, Boston and serves the region’s general and business requirements.

Private Jet Charters To/From Hanscom

To charter a flight to Hanscom or from it, be sure to use one of our top recommended services below:

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The field allows you to get a private jet charter to Hanscom and serves all types of aircraft, right from Piper Cubs to Gulfstream jets. The airport has many facilities that make both recreational, as well as business jet charter extremely convenient and comfortable.

Boston is at a distance of around 21 miles from Hanscom Field and the drive is quite a pleasant one. And, despite the distance, Hanscom Field is the best alternative route to get to Boston, whether you’re here on business or pleasure. Landing and departing in your private jet charter at Hanscom Field is quite a pleasant experience.

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