Edmonton in Canada’s Alberta is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the country. And that has brought a lot of business and attention to the city.

edmonton private jet charterSo if it hasn’t already shown up on your radar, it’s time to check out the private jet charters in Edmonton and take a trip. It is also a popular destination among those who fly private so it has everything you need to effortlessly fly in or out of the city.

That should tell you that it has world-class amenities and a tourist circuit that is worth tapping into before the rest of the world wakes up to its potential.

Private Jet Charters To/From Edmonton

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Airports for Edmonton Private Jet Charters

The private jet charters in Edmonton are serviced by a single airport along with fixed-base operator or FBO services. FBOs are organizations that work with the airport to provide jet inspection, maintenance, fuel and parking services.

  • Edmonton International Airport: In terms of land area, this is the largest airport in all of Canada. It sees a footfall of more than eight million passengers every year. It is the preferred choice for those who have business (or fun) needs in Edmonton. It is about 15 miles south of the downtown area and has multiple FBOs at your service.

What to Do When in Edmonton

This is the capital city and is bang in the middle of Alberta. It is best known for its fur trade and the cross-Canada railways. Oil and gas extraction is another up and coming trade here. For visitors, there are some fantastic theaters and museums. Here’s the top three things you should check out, should you find yourself in Edmonton.

  • Royal Alberta Museum: This is western Canada’s largest museum and had to be moved to a new location in 2018. Here, you will find a ton of natural history exhibits along with temporary installations. It is also home to dinosaur and ice-age fossils. It has an aquarium with a variety of exotic species.
  • Elk Island National Park & Beaver Hills: This is a national park located just about 30 minutes from Edmonton by road. It has lakes, wetlands and all kinds of wildlife like moose, elk and deer for you nature lovers. But the best thing here is the herd of bison which are in a special enclosure. If you drive slowly, you cannot miss it.
  • Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village: The final item on this list is an open-air museum established in the 1970s. It is located along the Yellowhead Highway and tells the stories of Edmonton’s cultural heritage, including those of immigrants who came here from Bukovina and Ukraine in the 1890s.

Edmonton might not be as popular as Toronto or Vancouver but it’s just a matter of time. Make use of that private jet charter Edmonton wisely and start your Canadian adventure right here.

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