dupage airport private jet charterChicago is one of America’s largest cities, owing to which there are 5 different airports that passengers can choose to travel to and from the city, depending on where they want to get to – the DuPage Airport is one of them and DuPage Airport private jet charters are a highly popular and effective solution.

Private Jet Charters To/From DuPage Airport

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About the DuPage Airport

DuPage Airport is one of Chicago’s 5 major airports, a general aviation airport located in West Chicago.

This huge airport can accommodate any kind of aircraft with its long runway, 24-hour control tower and high-intensity lighting, making it an extremely safe airport to land in—all advantages for those who take a private jet charter DuPage Airport.

Unsurprising, then, that though the airport is almost 30 miles away from Chicago’s bustling downtown, further than a lot of other airports on the way, it is still the airport of choice for many private jet travelers.

Features of DuPage Airport

The following features make DuPage Airport a popular option:

  • DuPage has 4 active runways (the only one in Illinois), an apron spread over a million square feet, and the second-longest primary runway, after the O’Hare Airport. Its runway is spacious enough to accommodate a Boeing Business Jet.
  • The airport is surrounded by undeveloped land on all sides, enhancing the safety of landings.
  • The airport’s FBO, the DuPage Flight Center, is an award-winning FBO.
  • The Prairie Landing Golf Course, next to the airport, can be accessed directly from DuPage.
  • The low frequency of flights flying in and out means that there is lesser flight traffic, leading to lesser waiting time, faster flights and safer landings.

Despite these features and lack of congestion that many other Chicago airports have, many travelers are thrown off by the limited shopping and eatery options at the airport – the Kitty Hawk Cafe is deemed the only reasonable option by many.

The hour-long distance from Chicago is also a major issue that many travelers cite.

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