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Cheap private jet flights are revolutionizing the way we travel, offering all the benefits of private jet charters at an incredibly affordable price. If you hate the idea of going through the crowds of a busy and crowded airport dragging your luggage, now, with all the beautifully cheap private jet charters you have available, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

cheap private jet charterThere is an array of companies that make it extremely easy for you to find a cheap private jet charter in a quick, simple and effective way – they’re no longer a privilege reserved only for the ultra rich. Chartered jets are more luxurious, safe and cheaper than ever before – especially if you take advantage of special private flights like empty legs or shared flights which can take down costs by a stunning 75%.

A jet charter service is essentially an agency that finds, prepares and rents out an aircraft and crew for you, based on your needs and preferences. And, the more private jets exist, the cheaper and better the charter services get. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best cheap private jet charter services on the market, plus we’ll reveal insider secrets on how to find affordable private jet charters and enjoy a life of freedom and adventure like never before. So read on to know more and find the perfect one for you, guaranteeing you have a luxurious, safe and affordable private flight – get ready for take off!

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Top 7 Cheap Private Jet Charter Services

These are the top cheap private jet charter services – let’s take a look at their in-depth reviews and find the perfect one for your needs.

1 – Private Jet Finder

Private Jet FinderPrivate Jet Finder is one of the original private jet charter services and they’re still going strong after 20 years, and for good reason. They’re innovative, reliable, offer cheap private jet flights and deliver excellent user experience from start to finish.

This is an ideal choice not only for executives and professionals, but also for families and friends that want to book a cheap private flight to travel around the globe with unmatched comfort and elegance. With flights to over 170 countries and offering a wide range of options to perfectly fit your needs, Private Jet Finder makes private flying very simple and effective, hence why it’s our top recommendation to find cheap private jet flights.

Private Jet Finder makes organizing your trip very easy and comfortable. With just a phone call or few clicks on the computer, the experienced operators of Private Jet Finder will guide you through the entire flight planning exercise and will be to help you from start to finish, until you complete your journey. All of these features make Private Jet Finder one of the very best ways to find cheap private jet flights, with all the quality and ease you deserve.

Charter Now


  • Number of Countries: 170
  • Types of Jets: Light, medium and large jets
  • Qualified flight crews
  • State-of-the-art fleet
  • Experienced operators
  • Instant quote


  • The flight is available 90 minutes after booking
  • 24×7 customer service
  • Personalized travel
  • Pet friendly
  • Flexible service


  • Does not have a smartphone app as of yet, although the mobile version of the website is extremely fast and just as competent as the desktop version

Check out Private Jet Finder here.

2 – Villiers Jets

Villiers JetsSecondly on our cheap private jet charter services list is Villiers Jets, which is among the largest luxury private jet charter networks that aggregates more than 10,000 aircrafts across 40,000 locations across the world. Whatever your destination, objective or passenger size may be, Villiers takes out all the hard work of planning your next flight and offers the ideal jet and crew for you – wherever you are, whenever you want to.

Their huge network makes them one of the best choices to find cheap private jet rental opportunities, since they have a lot of aircraft options in a wide variety of locations.

In fact, Villiers offers the largest global network of private aircrafts out of all the competitors, as well as direct operator pricing and real-time quotes, making it a one-stop platform to charter cheap private jets with ease and effectiveness.

Charter Now

On top of all, they have partnerships with travel agents in over 30 countries and offers 24/7 service on their website, where you can find the availability and pricing of their worldwide aircrafts. The direct operator pricing and empty legs availability makes them able to offer some of the most affordable flights you can get which is the cherry on top, effectively making them another essential choice when it comes to cheap private jet charters.


  • Number of Aircrafts: 10,000
  • Number of Locations: 40,000
  • Number of Countries: 30+
  • 24×7 customer service
  • Dedicated personal service
  • JetClub membership – no membership fees
  • Direct operator pricing
  • Real-time quotes


  • You can travel in just 2 hours of booking the flight
  • Plenty of private jet options that you can choose from
  • Cost-effective alternatives
  • Competitive pricing
  • No queues or delays
  • Complete privacy and luxury
  • Access to dedicated terminals and check in
  • Special onboard catering services
  • You can save money and get a lot of benefits by becoming a JetClub member


  • Does not have a mobile app yet

Check out Villiers Jets here.

3 – Vida Jets

Vida JetsToday, with modern travelers demanding the highest level of service and the highest level of comfort, Vida Jets is a premier jet specialist that offers a wide range of charter options, worldwide destinations and exceptional service.

The Jet Specialists from Vida Jet can customize your itinerary according to your requirements so that you have the best experience. So, whether you are traveling with your family and friends or on business with your corporate guests, Vida Jets will handle it all for you. Vida Jet also offers the Jet Traveler app that allows you to organize all the aspects of your trip anytime and from anywhere.

Charter Now


  • Luxury ground transportation
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Gourmet catering available
  • 24/7 concierge service
  • No membership fees
  • Jet Traveler App
  • Vida Altitudes membership


  • Vida Jet covers all aspects of your travel right from ground transport to onboard gourmet catering so that you enjoy a seamless travel experience from start to finish
  • Exceptional service both on and off the jet
  • Wide range of charter options (locations, aircraft and requests)
  • Personalized itinerary available


  • Pricing not readily available on the website
  • The destination details are not available on the website as of now

Check out Vida Jets here.

4 – Stratos Jet

Stratos Jet ChartersNext on our best cheap private jet charter list is Stratos Jets. At Stratos Jet Charters Inc., safety is the prime concern. For every private jet rental, Stratos Jet strives to deliver the highest levels of value and service. The company provides the most appropriate aircraft depending on your requirements and continued support while they plan your entire trip. Stratos Jets’ expert flight advisors ensure that you get your preferred operator and aircraft and once your flight is booked, Stratos Jet’s Trip Support coordinates all the details such as ground transfers, inflight catering, itinerary updates, etc.

Charter Now

Stratos Jet’s aviation program is reviewed and certified for safety by the aviation safety auditing firm, Argus. So, whether you’re looking for the long-range capabilities of a heavy jet or the nimble and economical performance of a turboprop, Stratos will find the right private jet rental for you. You can depend on Stratos Jet to provide private jet charter services for business or leisure.


  • Expert flight advisors
  • Long and highly respected track record
  • Trip Support at all times
  • Inflight catering
  • Ground transfers
  • Itinerary updates
  • Approved Vendor Program
  • Certified by ARG/US for safety


  • Extremely comfortable experience from start to finish
  • Professional and excellent customer service
  • Pet friendly and open to requests
  • Very high safety standards


  • The selection of aircrafts can be limited at times

Check out Stratos Jet here.

5 – Lucky Jets

Lucky JetsLast on our cheap private jet charter list is Lucky Jets. Founded in 2008, Lucky Jets is a private jet charter service that offers private jets to and from Las Vegas. Whatever type of aircraft you want and whatever is your group size, be it 4 to 400, Lucky Jets has you covered. Lucky Jets offers curb-to-curb service, right from ground transport to handling your baggage to your hotel room directly.

When you arrive at Lucky Jet’s Executive Terminals, you can enjoy various perks such as hassle-free immediate check-in, complimentary parking and you don’t have to stand in long security lines and on landing, you can get a limo pick up right from the tarmac.

Charter Now

With Lucky Jets, you can be sure about all your travel details, without any last-minute surprises and the price quoted to you includes all flight fees. The single-minded mission of Lucky Jets is to provide affordable and cheap private jet charter services that can enhance your personal, vacation, corporate or business travel.


  • Second-to-none Las Vegas charter service
  • Curb-to-curb service (ground transportation included)
  • Baggage handling
  • Group travel arrangements
  • Complimentary parking
  • Immediate check in
  • No hassle, no-obligation free quote
  • Weekly empty leg deals


  • All-inclusive pricing (no hidden fees)
  • Free membership to the VIP mail list, which offers loads of benefits
  • Wide range of aircrafts
  • Suitable for any number of people
  • Unmatched when it comes to Las Vegas flights
  • Available to book flights to Las Vegas from nearly all USA locations and even some others like Canada, Mexico and more


  • The huge focus on flights to and from Las Vegas means that the rest of their locations are limited

Check out Lucky Jets here.

6 – ViroFly

ViroflyA new entrant in the private jet charter industry, ViroFly has made a name for themselves very quickly. With one of the fastest-growing client bases, ViroFly offers around 10,000 private jets to clients with 2,800 licensed operators across the world. ViroFly offers a wide range of aircrafts that clients can choose from—small-, medium- and large-size jets, regional airliners, long-range jets, large airliners, helicopters and empty legs.

Whatever your need is, ViroFly’s expert team will find the best aircraft for you at the best price. All ViroFly’s private jet operators and aircrafts meet the highest safety standards and expertise and they serve a wide range of individuals, businesses, etc.


  • Number of Private Jets: 10,000
  • Licensed Operators: 2,800
  • Wide range of aircrafts
  • Per hour charges
  • Concierge services
  • Customized catering menu


  • Accepts Bitcoins as a form of payment
  • The flexible pricing depends on the type of aircraft you choose
  • Pet friendly
  • Wide range of aircrafts


  • Does not have a smartphone app
  • Does not have flights to remote cities

Currently Unavailable

7 – City Jet Inc.

City Jet Inc.Started in 2000, City Jet is a private jet charter company based in Montgomery, Alabama. Over the last few years, City Jet has grown to be a respected sales and leasing company in the industry. The company works with around 9 aircraft providers to offer luxury jet services.

The main focus of City Jet is the safety of its passengers and before each flight, detailed inspections of the aircraft are conducted. So, if you’re looking for a reliable jet charter company with deep aviation expertise and hands-on industry knowledge – without needing to fly to more remote locations – then City Jet Inc. is a solid option.


  • Easy reservation process
  • JetSmart program
  • Small but very responsive team


  • Attentive service all around
  • Great flight experience
  • Very easy to work with


  • No phone app
  • Limited set of locations and aircraft when compared to other services

Currently Unavailable

Tips For Finding Cheap Private Jet Charters

Flying high above the clouds in a private jet is an experience like no other. It’s freedom, luxury and adventure all rolled into one. But with such a luxurious mode of transportation comes hefty price tags that can easily make you think twice about booking one. However, fear not! We’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you find cheap private jet charters so that you can enjoy the thrill of flying without breaking the bank.

Firstly, when it comes to finding cheap private jet charters, timing is key. The peak seasons for private jets are during summer and winter holidays, which means prices skyrocket during these times. Consider traveling off-season or on weekdays instead to save big bucks. Secondly, flexibility is your friend. Be open to different airports near your destination as they may offer more affordable options than major hubs. Thirdly, try sharing a flight with others ? this might mean waiting for fellow passengers but will definitely reduce costs per person significantly. Lastly, always compare prices from different providers before making any bookings.

Now that we’ve shared our top tips for finding cheap private jet charters let us remind you why investing in travel experiences should be at the top of your priority list (and budget). Traveling via commercial airlines often means dealing with long lines at security checkpoints and cramped seats – hardly conducive to enjoying the journey itself! On the other hand, chartering a private jet gives you complete control over your schedule while offering privacy and comfort throughout your trip.

In order to negotiate better rates for private jet charters do keep reading because there are many ways to bring down those sky-high prices!

Negotiating Private Jet Charter Prices

If you’re looking to fly in style without breaking the bank, negotiating private jet charter prices can be a game-changer. By using these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to secure a luxurious ride at an affordable rate. For example, imagine you’ve found a private jet that fits your needs perfectly but it’s just out of your budget. Instead of giving up on the idea altogether, try negotiating with the company to see if they can offer you a better deal.

To successfully negotiate private jet charter prices, keep these 4 key things in mind:

  1. Be flexible with travel dates and times
  2. Consider flying from smaller airports or FBOs (Fixed Based Operators)
  3. Ask about any empty leg flights that may fit your itinerary
  4. Don’t be afraid to haggle and ask for discounts

By following these guidelines, you’ll increase your chances of getting the best possible price for your private jet rental.

Remember that when it comes to luxury travel, there are always options available to maximize value. In the next section, we’ll explore how utilizing private jet charter packages can help make your dream trip even more affordable and enjoyable.

Avoiding Hidden Costs And Fees

Flying on a private jet is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious experiences that you can indulge in. It provides unmatched comfort and privacy, allowing you to travel at your convenience without having to deal with crowds or long wait times. However, it’s no secret that private jets come with a hefty price tag, which might deter many people from considering them as an option. The good news is that there are ways to avoid hidden costs and fees associated with chartering a private jet.

For instance, imagine planning a business trip for yourself and three colleagues. You’ve found what seems to be a great deal for a private jet but end up being charged extra fees for things like landing permits, catering services, and fuel surcharges after the fact. These additional expenses increase the cost by thousands of dollars, putting a significant dent in your budget. This scenario is not uncommon when dealing with some less reputable charter companies.

To prevent these types of situations from happening, research thoroughly before booking any flight service provider. Look out for pricing plans that include every possible fee upfront so you won’t have any surprises later on. A reliable company will provide transparent pricing policies while making sure all details are covered beforehand.

By choosing the right company, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of ahead of time, including taxes and landing fees at airports worldwide. In turn, this means more savings ? something everyone loves!

In summary, avoiding hidden costs should be top-of-mind when selecting the best private jet charter package for your needs; it can make all the difference between an enjoyable experience and one filled with frustration and disappointment! So take advantage of our tips above – do thorough research before booking flights and choose only those providers who offer clear pricing policies upfront- trust us; your wallet will thank you!

FAQ About Cheap Private Jet Charters

What Is The Typical Minimum Cost For A Private Jet Charter?

Are you ready to take your travel game to the next level? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly in a private jet, but were too afraid of the cost? Fear not! We have researched and compiled tips and tricks for finding cheap private jet charter prices. Let’s start with the question on everyone’s mind: What is the typical minimum cost for a private jet charter?

Well, hold on tight because you may be surprised by this answer. The average minimum cost for a private jet charter is $5,000 per hour. Yes, you read that right – $5,000 PER HOUR! But don’t let that deter you from pursuing your dreams of luxury air travel. Here are three ways to save money on private jet charters:

  1. Empty Leg Flights – These are flights where an empty plane needs to reposition itself after dropping off passengers at their destination. You can snag these one-way flights at up to 75% off.
  2. Group Charters – Get together with friends or business associates and share the cost of a group charter flight.
  3. Membership Programs – Some companies offer membership programs that provide discounted rates on private jets.

Now that we’ve covered some helpful tips, let’s get back to our original question. While $5,000 per hour seems outrageous, remember that when you book a private jet charter, you’re getting more than just transportation. You’re also getting privacy, comfort, convenience, and most importantly – freedom! Plus, when you’re lucky, you can find some really incredible deals that are just a FRACTION of the regular price.

So why settle for cramped seats and long lines at commercial airports when you can soar above it all in style? Private jet travel may seem like an indulgence reserved only for the wealthy elite, but with careful planning and research using our tips and tricks guide, anyone can experience the thrill of flying in ultimate luxury without breaking the bank.

Are There Any Taxes Or Additional Fees That Are Not Included In The Initial Quote For A Cheap Private Jet Charter?

Who doesn’t want to soar through the skies in their own private jet? However, before you embark on your luxurious journey, it’s essential to understand all the costs involved. While many companies offer cheap private jet charter prices, there may be additional taxes and fees that aren’t initially included in the quote.

So, are there any taxes or extra fees you should be aware of when booking a private jet charter? The answer is yes, although most companies take care of all of this for you.

Here are four potential charges that could increase the overall cost:

  1. Landing Fees – Depending on where you’re departing from and landing, airports may charge for using their facilities.
  2. FBO Fees – Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) handle various services such as fueling and maintenance which can result in added expenses.
  3. Catering Charges – If food and drinks are provided during your flight, these will likely incur an extra fee.
  4. De-icing Costs – During colder months or snowy conditions, de-icing the plane can add extra charges onto your bill.

To ensure you don’t get caught off guard by unexpected expenses, it’s crucial to do your research beforehand and ask about any additional fees upfront. Remember that while some airlines might advertise low rates but then pile on hidden costs later down the line, others offer transparent pricing with no surprises at checkout.

In conclusion, although finding affordable private jet charter prices is undoubtedly appealing for anyone seeking freedom in travel plans; understanding all of the associated costs is critical before finalizing any bookings. Keep in mind what we’ve discussed here regarding possible taxes and extras so that nothing catches you off guard during this exciting adventure!

Can I Bring My Pets With Me On A Cheap Private Jet Charter?

Picture this: you’re sitting in your office, scrolling through Instagram and daydreaming about a much-needed vacation. You’ve been working hard for months, and you deserve some time to relax and recharge. Suddenly, it hits you – why not take your furry friend with you? After all, they deserve a break too! But can you bring them on a private jet charter?

The answer is yes! Many private jet companies allow pets onboard their planes, as long as certain guidelines are followed. For example, most airlines require that your pet be small enough to fit comfortably into an approved carrier that can easily slide under the seat in front of you. Additionally, many airlines charge an extra fee for bringing pets along.

But before booking your flight with Fido in tow, there are some things you should consider. First and foremost, make sure your pet is comfortable traveling by plane. Some animals experience anxiety or motion sickness during flights, so talk to your veterinarian beforehand about any potential issues.

Another consideration is whether or not your destination accommodates pets. Will the hotel or rental property allow pets? Are there nearby parks where you can walk your dog? These are important questions to ask yourself before embarking on your adventure.

In summary, taking your furry friend on a private jet charter is possible – but it requires some planning ahead of time. As always when flying privately (or otherwise), remember to adhere to all airline regulations regarding pet travel. And above all else – have fun!

What Is The Maximum Number Of Passengers That Can Be Accommodated On An Affordable Private Jet Charter?

Are you planning a private jet charter for your upcoming business trip or family vacation? One question that may be on your mind is the maximum number of passengers that can be accommodated on a private jet. Well, it all depends on the size and type of aircraft you choose.

For smaller jets like the Cessna Citation Mustang, the maximum capacity is usually around 4-5 passengers. However, larger jets such as Gulfstream G650ER can accommodate up to 19 passengers comfortably. So, before booking your private jet charter, make sure to have an idea about how many people will travel with you.

When it comes to choosing a private jet rental company, there are plenty of options available in the market today. You need to do some research and find out which one suits your budget and requirements best. Look for companies that offer competitive prices without compromising on safety and quality.

Nowadays, more than ever, people crave freedom and flexibility when it comes to traveling. Private jet charters provide just that ? allowing you to fly according to your schedule and preferences. Whether it’s for leisure or work purposes, a private jet allows you to avoid long lines at commercial airports while enjoying luxurious amenities onboard.

In conclusion, knowing the maximum passenger capacity is essential when booking a private jet charter. It helps determine the right aircraft size based on your group’s needs and ensures everyone travels safely and comfortably. With numerous options available in terms of pricing and services offered by various companies today – finding affordable yet high-quality flights has never been easier!

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book A Cheap Private Jet Charter To Secure The Best Price?

If you’re looking for cheap private jet charter prices, timing is everything. You may be wondering how far in advance do you need to book a private jet charter to secure the best price? The answer is: it depends. However, generally speaking, the earlier you book your flight, the better deal you can get.

Booking at least two weeks in advance is recommended as there’s still time for airlines to fill unsold seats and offer discounts. If you can plan even further ahead, that’s even better. Booking a month or more before your desired travel date could give you significant savings on your private jet charter. Keep in mind that during peak seasons such as holidays and summer vacations, booking early becomes especially important.

Another tip to consider when looking for cheaper private jet charters is to stay flexible with your travel dates. Sometimes flying mid-week instead of weekends can save money since demand tends to be lower on weekdays. Also, avoid traveling during popular events or conventions where rates tend to skyrocket.

One final tip: consider using an online booking platform, such as the ones that we’ve listed above, that aggregates available flights from multiple providers all in one place. These platforms often have special deals and promotions that are not found elsewhere. Happy travels!


Today, the best part is that you don’t have to be rich to charter a private jet – as long as you know which services to use and where to look, you can easily travel in luxury, style and comfort without breaking the bank thanks to the cheap private jet charters. These services have a wide range of aircraft offerings, connections to cities across the globe, top personal service and the highest safety standards – and all of them offer attractively affordable pricing and mind blowing deals on empty leg flights as well.

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