This is the largest city in North Carolina and was named in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg who was the wife of King George II. The city is home to many museums and shopping and dining options.

charlotte private jet charterWhether you’re coming in or going out of the city, if you’re flying private, the Charlotte private jet charter meets all your travel needs.

Charlotte is known for its lively streets and rich history. It’s a great place for those of you who like to take a few hours off and geek out looking at plaques and monuments.

Private Jet Charters To/From Charlotte

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Airports in Charlotte

The Charlotte private jet charter is well serviced by its lone airport.

  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport: It is approximately seven miles away from downtown Charlotte. It has one fixed-base operator or FBO called Wilson Air Center. It is available for corporate and private aviation and is ranked as one of the top 10 corporate support facilities in America. FBOs are organizations that provide services like maintenance, inspection, parking and fueling of jets in coordination with the airport.

Things to do in Charlotte

There’s a lot to do in the city, especially if you’re a history nerd or a race car enthusiast. This is just the surface of the beautiful (and harmless) iceberg you will land in with a little help from your friends at the Charlotte private jet charter.

  • NASCAR Hall of Fame: This is definitely not a place to skip even if you’re not a fan of the competitive sport. Check it. It has a ramp that’s just like a racetrack. There are historic car models like the 1952 Hudson Hornet, the 1967 Chevelle and Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s 2008 Chevy Impala SS.
  • Billy Graham Library: This is where you get to learn about the pastor’s life through different kinds of multimedia presentations. There’s a tour of his memorabilia and different tour in the family home which has been restored to the way it was when they lived there. The building itself is in the shape of a barn on 20 acres of land.
  • Discovery Place: This museum never looks the same. So each time you’re in town, you must take a few hours to check it out. There’s an Explore More Life Lab where you can participate in various experiments using everyday objects.

These are just the things you cannot miss. There’s a lot more to the place than the few things on this list.

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