Whether you’re in love with its famous beaches, have business there, or are a film buff and track the Cannes Film Festival every year, there is always a good reason to plan a getaway to Cannes. Cannes private jet charters, not just for actors and those in the showbiz, are now accessible even to the fans – you can talk to different operators and choose the one offering the most competitive prices. You can look for empty-leg flights to get great deals too, as we’ll view below.

cannes private jet charterWhen you travel to and from Cannes in a jet charter, you can arrive and leave any time you want to suit your schedule. You can avoid the rush at the airport and use the saved up time more productively, in watching the movies you want to. Even if the film festival is not your kind of stuff, Cannes offers other attractions for the leisure traveler. You can have a great time great in the beautiful beaches, book yourself into exotic and comfortable resorts, try your luck at the casinos and enjoy visiting the art museums. You will find that the city has a great nightlife and restaurants serve exquisite dishes for the gourmet traveler – whether you’re flying in or out, nothing beats going with a Cannes private jet charter.

Private Jet Charters To/From Cannes

To charter a flight to Cannes or from it, be sure to use one of our top recommended services below:

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To visit such an exotic place and make the trip a memorable one, Cannes jet charter is the right way to travel. You can enjoy the luxury of a private jet without having to pay as much for it. For group travel, it can be especially economical. You don’t have to leave your pet behind. Just carry the correct papers and give your loyal friend a chance to travel comfortably.

Airports for Private Flights to and from Cannes

  • Cannes-Mandelieu Airport is the second most important general aviation airport in France, located scenically between the sea and the mountains. It offers FBO services, making it easy for the jet charter to and from Cannes to enjoy the privileges of flying in a private jet.

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