Birmingham Airport is known for its world-class facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure, and ideal to travel by a private jet charter. In the last one decade, it has invested significantly to achieve this state and extend its runway by 400 meters. This lets the aircraft fly further and reach new long-haul destinations within direct range. You can now fly to and from the Far East to the West Coast of the US, South America to South Africa.

birmingham airport private jet charterBirmingham Airport is world’s seventh largest and the UK’s third largest airport outside London. In another decade, the airport is expected to handle around 18 million passengers a year, 40% more than it does now!

Due to its location and capacity, Birmingham Airport private jet charters for traveling to and from Birmingham are becoming exceedingly popular, as its an extremely busy airport handling 50 airlines and 143 direct routes, seeing off passengers to Istanbul, Dubai and other major European hubs. You can book yourself into the Premium Fast Track service 24 hours in advance to skip long lines at passport control as well. The Express Lane at Security Control provides faster and more efficient passage – these are just a few perks of going with a Birmingham Airport jet charter.

Private Jet Charters To/From Birmingham Airport

To charter a flight to Birmingham Airport or from it, be sure to use one of our top recommended services below:

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Once at the airport, you can enjoy the luxury offered by the Aspire Lounge or the premium service in the No1 Lounge. You can even reserve a place in the lounge in advance or just walk in. You may not have enough time to browse all the stores in the commercial space spanning 11,000 sqm and or the World Duty-Free stores covering 20,000 sq.ft. You can buy anything from liquor to beauty, accessories and confectionery, and from all top brands, which makes this a traveler’s paradise. What’s more, there are parking spaces where you can leave your car for any period of time. With three multi-storeyed car parks, it can accommodate 13,000 cars at any given time.

By flying to Birmingham airport in a private jet charter, you can also benefit from its connection to 280 global connections via hub airports in Delhi, Dubai, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris.

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