It’s called the “Las Vegas of the East” and rightly so – Atlantic City is, and always has been ever since its inception, a place people visit when looking for pure fun. Whether you want to fly in, or you’re someone who already is there and needs to fly out for work, holidays or whatever else you need, an Atlantic City private jet charter is the fastest, most comfortable and most stylish way to do so.

atlantic city private jet charterWhether it’s work-related or for fun, don’t forget to check out the casinos, beaches and world-class cuisine – AC is popular for a good reason!

The city is also home to some amazing resorts and locales, so don’t miss the opportunity to take a walk and enjoy the classic and always beautiful Atlantic City.

Private Jet Charters To/From Atlantic City

To charter a flight to Atlantic City or from it, be sure to use one of our top recommended services below:

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Airport for Atlantic City Jet Charters

If you’re flying private, private jet charters to Atlantic City are well serviced by one conveniently located airport. It is a major aviation hub.

  • Atlantic City International Airport: This is a small airport but it is quite close to the city and saves you a lot of time. It is situated about 10 miles from the city which is far better than the ones in Newark or Philadelphia. The private jet charter Atlantic City is serviced by one fixed-base operator or FBO called Signature Flight Support for your refueling and parking needs.

Cultural Attractions in Atlantic City

Oh, where to begin. We’re going to skip the obligatory list of casinos because there’s more to AC than that. So here are three top tourist attractions that are not gunning for your cash.

  • The Boardwalk: It is the most famous tourist hub in the city and has a ton of fun activities. The four-mile-long stretch was originally built in 1870 and is great when explored through a stroll. It is also home to Entrance to the Stars, kind of like the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • The Steel Pier: This is like Coney Island in New York and was built in 1898 and then rebuilt in 1993. Here, you’ll find rides for people of all ages and some of them give you a great view of the city too.
  • Absecon Lighthouse: It is 171 feet tall and has one of the original First-Order Fresnel lens installed when it was built in 1857. It’s the tallest lighthouse in the state and the third tallest in the country. And it is such a delight that they decided to renovate it for its 300th anniversary.

We’ve bunked the traditional list of tourist spots to avoid robbing you of the joy of discovering some of it on your own. So jet, set, go.

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