A private jet is an exciting, flexible and plush way of traveling. In fact, at times it may even be the more economical mode of traveling if you discount the time and money spent in traffic on a road trip or the time wasted standing in lines at the airport. “Time is money” is an oft-heard phrase, and private jets know what that is about. But to figure out if charters are for you, you should be acquainted with the private jet charter costs and how the different types of private jets affect them. Let’s take a look at the details below!

Average Cost of a Private Jet Charter

Even though we’ll delve into the details below, an hour of flight on a private jet charter might set you back anything from ~$2000 per hour, to the more regular $4000 to $8000 per hour or all the way up to $30,000 or more per hour – it all depends on the type of jet, fuel prices at the time, number of people, crew members, airports selected, routes & other details.

The type of aircraft and number of hours are the main dictators of the final charter price so let’s take a look at these factors in more detail below:

Types of Private Jets & Average Cost

There are different types of private jets that one may rent for use personally or professionally. The size and capacity of these private jets will differ and accordingly, the price also tends to differ. The following sections will take you through different types of jets and the average cost of a private jet.

Air Taxi

An air taxi is a lightweight private jet with a low capacity of 2-3 passengers. These are small jets that can do short trips, close to half an hour or upwards. So if you want to take a jet from New York City to the Hamptons for the weekend and do not feel like driving, a 30-minute air taxi will sort you out and does not even require too much preparation. You can skip lines at the airport and you can also skip the traffic on the freeway trying to get to Long Island. A good example of a popular air taxi service is Sikorsky S76. The jet has been in operation for more than four decades and is perfect for up to three passengers. The chopper can cost approximately $4,500 per flying hour. If you are looking for cheaper options, you can also consider turboprops like the Piper Aztec which costs approximately $2,900 per flying hour from New York to Montauk.

Light Jet

A light jet will offer slightly more space than an air taxi so you can bring a few more passengers on board and you can also carry some more luggage. These jets can stay in the air for slightly longer than air taxis and you can do a journey like Los Angeles to Las Vegas, which takes about four hours, with ease. The average cost of a private jet, if you are looking to hire a light jet, may also vary based on the company you book. For example, a Cessna Citation CJ3 light jet may cost around $3,900 per flying hour. There are several other services in this ballpark figure, while you can also opt for the more luxurious liners that will set you back slightly more.

Mid-Size Jet

A mid-size jet is ideal for a large family or perhaps a board flying to a longer-range destination. A mid-size jet can accommodate up to nine passengers and can also do transatlantic flights with ease. This type of plane will allow you to cross a long distance and also offers speed so you can cover this distance in a shorter span of time. Depending on the duration of the journey, you can also complete the whole trip without needing to stop for a refuel. The average cost of a private jet, if you are considering a mid-size plane may cost you approximately $5,500-$7,000 per flying hour if you book one of the mid-range flights. You can also opt for something like the Falcon 20 private jet, which may set you back $8,300 per flying hour. The Gulfstream G200/G280 is another luxurious private jet that may cost you approximately $9,500 per flying hour.

Super Midsize Jet

A super midsize jet is the next range that offers more space and takes passengers on longer trips even across continents. If you are looking to do a nine-hour flight across the Atlantic, with up to 12 passengers, this is the type of private jet you may want to book. In fact, even if on face value this type of jet seems more expensive, it is better to book this for a longer flight than a small plane that will need to stop in the middle for refueling. The additional money that you will give for refueling will be covered in a single stretch in a super midsize jet. If you are looking to undertake a journey of six hours or more, this is the private jet you should opt for. The average cost of a private jet in this category can be anywhere between $8,500 and $11,750 per flying hour, approximately.

Heavy Jet

A heavy jet is the largest of the private jets. This is a relatively large plane overall with a lot more cabin space than the usual and much more fuel and flight capacity than the other types. This type of jet can take up to 14 passengers on board with ease and can fly for over nine hours without stopping for a refuel. These heavy jets, however, also tend to be the most expensive to rent, for obvious reasons. They can set you back anywhere between $11,500 to $30,000 per flying hour. For a long flight, the total cost could go up to a six-digit figure.

Bonus: Empty Legs

If the average cost of a private jet is making you nervous just from the sound of it, there is a way to partake in this luxury at 75% of the cost. Most private jet services also offer empty leg flights for the jets that make a one-way trip and are returning empty. It is profitable for the company to take passengers on the way back instead of flying an empty plane back. If you need a last-minute plan or have a flexible itinerary, you are likely to get an empty leg flight from the busiest flying sectors – and it’s a fantastic taste of luxury at an insanely attractive price, the best of both worlds!


A private jet can be one of the best and most luxurious ways to travel, and it does not always have to be the most expensive affair. If you know the type of planes there are on offer, there are ways to find a plan that is cost effective and in perfect tandem with your itinerary. The descriptions of the different types of private jets should hopefully give you a better idea of what the market has to offer.

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