Private jets can be one of the most convenient ways to get around to places in a short time and in the most luxurious way. You can skip to the next town without waiting in line at the airport in long queues or being stuck in traffic on the highway. However, depending on the type of activity you are looking to do or the purpose of taking a chartered plane, the cost and prices may differ.

private jet charter cost

Not everyone can invest in a charter jet of their own, but that does not mean that a private jet experience is one that is reserved for only those who own one. It is quite possible to rent a chartered plane and if you can afford it, it should not set you back more than a portion of your paycheck. So whether you want to take a trip to the Hamptons (which will be a short flight if you are traveling from the East Coast in the United States), or if you want to take a trip overseas, in which case the flight will be longer, there are different types of private jets you can select. The private jet charter cost and private jet charter prices will vary depending on which service you choose.

But since this is usually not a regular economy flying experience, you want to rent a type of private jet that is the most cost effective and is perfectly suited to your needs. In the following sections, you will be acquainted with the types of private jet available and the private jet charter cost and private jet charter prices that you may have to deal with.

What Impacts Private Jet Charter Prices

There are several factors that go into determining how much a ride on a private jet might set you back, as we’ll delve into deeper detail below. The following are some of the essential factors that add up to the private jet charter cost:

  • Fuel Prices: As you know, fuel prices are constantly fluctuating. To make up for this fluctuation, a surcharge is usually added to the price of the ticket so that the difference between the projected cost and the actual cost of flying can be bridged.
  • Aircraft & Runway: Flights actually need to book the runway and the gate for the airport they are landing at. Accordingly, the price of the ticket may vary based on the size and weight of the aircraft, which will determine the landing fee.
  • Airport fees: The airline also needs to pay airport fees which includes all the services required to manage the aircraft once it is on the ground, such as ensuring there is fuel for refilling, cleaning the aircraft toilets, arranging passenger transport to and from the terminal, etc.
  • Ramp fees: Ramp fees will likely be charged on return journeys if the plane is parked at an airport overnight or longer.
  • Flight Crew & More: The cost of accommodating crew members in case of multi-leg journeys, including taxis to and from the airport and hotel.

Price Per Hour of a Private Jet Charter

As has been made quite evident above, since there are different types of private jets that you can rent, the private jet charter costs and private jet charter prices may vary. The following is a brief estimate or a ballpark figure for how much various private jet rental services may set you back.

Very Light

Let’s begin with how much an air taxi service may cost. For example, a Piper Aztec may cost you approximately $2,900 per hour to fly from New York to Montauk. Meanwhile, a half an hour flight from Montauk to White Plains may cost $2,800 per hour on a Piper Seneca. If you want to take a few more people on board with you, a Cessna Citation jet may be a better option. A private charter flight on this service may cost approximately $3,900 per hour.

Mid Size

If you are looking to travel a longer distance and need to take more people on board, it might be best to upgrade to a mid size or super midsize charter plane. One of these planes will allow you to cover a longer distance within a shorter time. Some of the larger super midsize jet planes can also take you across the Atlantic on either side of the ocean. But even longer flights within the United States are best covered through these mid size or super midsize jets. For example, for a six-hour journey from Los Angeles to Washington, you can be at your destination for approximately $30,000 on a midsize Learjet 40/4oXR. This is typically a journey for 5-6 passengers. If there are more passengers on board, you can upgrade to a mid size jet like the Hawker Beechcraft 900XP, which is a more luxurious ride for approximately $38,000 and can accommodate around nine passengers. Both the services will approximately cost around $5,500 and $7,000, respectively, for every hour in the air.

Super Midsize

However, if you are looking to fly for longer than six hours, it is recommended that you opt for a super midsize. In the overall expense, you may end up spending less money with a super midsize jet than on a mid size jet for long distances. The problem with hiring a small plane to cover long distances is that you will need to stop at least once to refuel, depending on the duration of the journey. But with a super midsize jet, the private jet charter cost and private jet charter prices are balanced out. For example, for a nine-hour journey from Chicago to London, a journey on the Embraer Legacy 500 may cost you approximately $74,600. This works out to approximately $8,776 per hour in the air. You can also take on board around 10-12 passengers on one of these private jets.

Heavy Jets

A heavy jet probably has the highest private jet charter cost and private jet charter prices, but it also allows you to take more people on board so the tariff can be divided. A heavy jet also offers other comforts like flight attendants, a wider cabin and other amenities that may be absent from other private jet experiences. For example, a long flight from New York City to London may be the most comfortable on a Gulfstream G550. This is a luxurious private jet that can accommodate up to 16 passengers on board. This flight may cost you approximately $14,000 per hour in the air. There are also options for upgrading to more luxurious offerings, such as the Airbus A319 but such a luxury airline will also set you back accordingly. The private jet charter cost and private jet charter prices can also go up to the six digits in pricing.

Extra: Empty Legs

As is evident from the descriptions above, heavy jets can cost a lot of money and if you do not have as many passengers to take on board with you, the private jet charter cost may not get adequately balanced or divided. But there is a way to make this luxurious journey without shelling out as much money. Empty leg flights can reduce the cost of the journey by approximately 75% and are ideal for when you need to take a flight at the last minute. Whenever a private jet makes a one-way journey, it is likely to come back empty. The tickets for the journey back are offered to passengers for more reduced and subsidized prices. For example, for an air taxi or for a light jet, you may have to shell out approximately $1,300 and $3,000, respectively, per flying hour. For a midsize and super midsize flight, the private jet charter cost may be approximately $4,000 to $8,000 per flying hour. Finally, for a large or heavy jet, the private jet charter prices may be approximately $8,600 to $13,000 per flying hour.

Types of Private Jets: A More In-Depth Look

As seen above, there are a few different types of private jets that you can choose from, depending on the capacity and the distance that you expect to fly. They heavily impact the overall cost so it’s a great idea to really get to know the unique qualities and capacity of each type. The following are some of the main different types of private jets that you can consider renting for your trips.

Air Taxi

An air taxi is a small aircraft, typically a commercial carrier, which is used to make short trips. These short flights can be taken on demand and often on short notice, provided all the paperwork is in order. There are several air taxi companies that operate in the private air vehicle space, such as Skyway, Linear, Airstream Jets, Inc, Volocopter, etc. Even cab aggregator Uber has been planning to launch an air taxi service that would revolutionize casual travel by the air.

Light Jet

A light jet, also known as a very light jet, is a small business jet that can seat between four to eight people. The jets are typically used by companies to fly senior management around, but can also be rented for private purposes. Typically, a very light jet has a maximum takeoff weight of 10,000 pounds or below. These are also jets that can do a relatively short distance but can stay in the air for at least three or four hours. Some of the popular light jet services are HondaJet, Cessna Citation M2, Embraer Phenom, etc.


A mid-size aircraft is one that is preferred for a longer-range trip. These are typically transatlantic flights for approximately nine passengers. These aircraft are not as heavy but at the same time, they are able to cover a longer distance and can descend higher heights than a light jet or an air taxi. Some of the popular mid-size jets include Learjet 45, Learjet 60, Hawker 800, Citation Excel and more.

Super Midsize

A super midsize jet is one that has more width and space in the cabin. These jets typically have the capability to ascend to higher altitudes and can do relatively long-range flights. The jets have a transatlantic capability but at the same time are not as heavy as a full-bodied plane. They are large enough to accommodate 10-12 passengers. So if you are looking to rent a plane to take a quick international flight, or even to one of the United States islands, this is a good option. Some of the aircraft of this class are Bombardier Challenger, Cessna Citation X, Hawker 4000, Gulfstream G200, Dassault Falcon 50, etc.

Heavy Jet

Heavy jets are larger jets and are often considered or referred to as the king-size jets. These jets have wider cabin space and can accommodate between 12 to 14 passengers. These jets are ideal for taking intercontinental flights that can be in the air for 10-12 hours without requiring a stop for refueling. If you need to fly from the United States to somewhere in western Europe, this would be the private jet you should choose—provided you can fill the jet to capacity.

Bonus: Empty Legs

An empty leg flight is one of the relatively cheaper private jet charter prices. An empty legs flight is generated when a private jet has to pick up passengers from another airport for their next flights, or has to return to its base airport after dropping passengers off. The idea is that the flight is going to be in the air as it is, regardless of whether it has been able to book passengers. If you are able to get on the flight at one of these points of transit, the price is generally a lot lower. Empty legs can be found on any private jet services.

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Final Thoughts

Renting a private jet can be an expensive affair, but it also brings with it perks of many kinds. You will be able to avoid traffic on the freeway if it is a journey that can be made by road, you will have more space to yourself on the plane and you can also travel with family or business associates you are familiar with. A private jet can also be a more cost-effective way of traveling if you remove all the other expenses related to flying. Besides, renting a private jet can also be an experience you indulge in every now and then. It does not need to be the only way you travel, but it certainly can be one of the most desirable ways to travel.

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