An industry leader in the private jet charter, since its inception, Worldwide Jet Charter has built a reputation for luxury, safety, convenience, integrity, customer service and professionalism. Worldwide Jet Charter is renowned the world over for its operational excellence and unrivaled service to its customers. Every day, Worldwide Jet Charter flies celebrities, pro athletes, world leaders and CEOs of corporates. Along with that, every Worldwide Jet flight offers top-class 5-star hotel service to every traveler.

So, whether you’re flying to an international destination or within the country, Worldwide Jet Charter caters to all your needs. The company has a wide range of luxury aircraft and the range is ever growing.

Worldwide Jet Charter Aircrafts

Worldwide Jet Charter has a range of aircraft depending on your travel requirements and the aircraft include:

  • Global Express N70PS
  • Gulfstream IVSP N451KR
  • Gulfstream IVSP N91JS
  • Challenger 601 N601BE
  • Challenger 601 N908DG
  • Challenger 601 N843GS
  • Challenger 601 N993SA
  • Challenger 601 N807DD
  • Learjet 60 N1127M
  • Learjet 60 N1128M
  • Learjet 60 N252RP

Each aircraft of Worldwide Jet Charter is equipped with elegant and classy facilities that you can expect only onboard a private jet such as Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, business tools and the calm and serene ambiance of a 5-star hotel that is sure to ensure your productivity and comfort while traveling.

Worldwide Jet Charter will arrange and coordinate your ground transportation, hotel stay, tickets to local concerts, sporting events and attractions. In short, the Worldwide Jet Charter is a one-stop travel provider for its clients.


At, Worldwide Jet Charter safety of its customers is the top priority. The Safety & Security Program of the company is managed by the Director of Aviation Safety & Security along with the guidance provided by the company’s Safety Committee.

Personnel Recruitment and Management

Worldwide Jet recruits only highly-qualified pilots, cabin attendants and mechanics and all the employees undergo rigorous training through the specialized curriculum including flight training at Bombardier Aerospace and CAE SimuFlite to ensure that they meet the exacting standards of the company.


The ongoing Maintenance Education and Certification in the company is conducted by Global Jet Services Inc. All the training programs are consistently reviewed and upgraded by specialized training providers for cabin services, international operations, food preparation, emergency procedures and medical services.

Safety Management System

The company’s safety management system (SMS) has been developed along with ARGUS, FAA Air Charter Safety Foundation, Wyvern and IS-BAO and the SMS provides the personnel and management of the Worldwide Jet Charter with all the resources and tools required to maintain overall safety.

Flight Risk Assessment

Every flight that is flown by Worldwide Jet Charter is evaluated using FRAT (Flight Risk Analysis Tool), which allows crew members and operations to identify, understand and mitigate the risks. The tool allows all members to communicate in real time, ensuring that the best decisions are taken at all times.

International Risk Assessment

Every trip of Worldwide Jet Charter is reviewed by the personnel and a security and safety briefing of each country and city the flight is visiting is done through WHO, NSA, Homeland Security and other government agencies and depending on the level of risk, the necessary precautions are taken along with backup plans for risk mitigation, evacuation plans, etc.

Worldwide Jet Charter Services

Worldwide Jet Charter offers its clients and customers a premier and top-class charter experience and service worldwide. The charter office of Worldwide Jet has live charter representatives who are available round the clock, all days of the year to help customers with any requests. Worldwide Jet Charter offers concierge services including:

  • Ground transportation to/from the airplane
  • Customized food and beverages for your flight
  • Hotel reservation
  • International permits and visa coordination
  • Real-time weather briefings
  • Guidance and assistance with changes in the travel itinerary

Aircraft Management Services

Apart from providing you with the aircraft and handling everything to need for a comfortable travel experience, they also offer aircraft management services. As an aircraft owner, when you partner with Worldwide Jet Charter, the company will completely manage your aircraft, which will give you the complete flexibility to have your aircraft ready for dispatch whenever you need it without the hassles of maintaining your own aircraft and crew.

Whether it is 1, 2 or a fleet of aircraft, Worldwide Jet Charter minimizes the stress of maintaining and operating your aircraft, reduces operation cost and increases service capabilities and the management programs include the entire operational, as well as concierge services.

Worldwide Jet Charter’s maintenance team offers you the complete confidence to enjoy each and every flight by meeting and exceeding the FAA requirements in scheduled inspections, maintenance and responding to service bulletins. Worldwide Jet’s monthly reporting system allows you to see the scheduled maintenance, charter use and service bulletin compliance of your aircraft.

Worldwide Jet Charter’s objective is to offer its customers the best flying experience, which is why it hires highly qualified pilots and crew and ensures that they undergo rigorous simulator and ground training. And, the top priority of the company is to provide its customers the highest levels of safety both in air and on the ground.

One of the several advantages of their aircraft management program is that by allowing the company to charter your aircraft, you can offset the cost of ownership of the plane when you’re not using it. The aircraft will be flown only by the highly-qualified personnel with only VIP clients onboard and whenever you need it, your aircraft will always be available for you, but it will also generate revenue for you.

Worldwide Jet Charter is guided by its core values and it strives to fulfill the customers’ every need and offer uncompromised safety and excellence in everything that it does along with ensuring personal responsibility in all its relationships.

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