Tavaero Jet Charter is an aviation company with a team of highly skilled aviation specialists who ensure that every flight is successful. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Tavaero provides owners and clients dedicated service that guarantees professionalism, reliability and safety. Tavaero employs knowledgeable, experienced and passionate specialists who work together as a team to deliver the best.

Tavaero combines its extensive knowledge and understanding of aircraft management and charter sales with excellent customer service to deliver service to customers that exceed their expectations. Tavaero endeavors to provide a completely stress-free and comfortable traveling experience by taking care of all your needs right from take-off until landing.

To achieve their objective Tavaero Jet Charter provides:

Flexible Aircraft Selection

Tavaero is very flexible and provides the right type of aircraft depending on the requirements of the customer. Tavaero has a fleet of aircrafts that will meet the customers’ needs. The company has an Executive Fleet and a Retail Charter Fleet with a range of different types of aircrafts for every type of travel need.

The Executive Fleet includes:

  • Midsize Jets: Hawker 800 N257PL, Hawker 800 N117HH, Hawker 800 N123HK and Citation III N193JC
  • Heavy Jet: Challenger 604 N18RC
  • King Air B200 N419MN

The Retail Charter Fleet includes:

  • Turboprops: Avanti P180, King Air 90, Pilatus PC12, King Air 200 and King Air 350
  • Light Jets: Hawker 400XP, Phenom 100, Learjet 40XR, Learjet 31/35, Falcon 10, Citation Bravo, Citation V/ Ultra, Citation II/ S/II, CJ2/ CJ3/ CJ4 and Citation Encore
  • Midsize Jets: Learjet 60/ 60XR, Learjet 45/ 75, Hawker 800/ 900 XP, Learjet 55, Hawker 900 XP, G100/ 150, Hawker 850XP, Citation Excel, Citation III/ VI/ VII and Citation XLS/ XLS+
  • Super Mid Jets: Gulfstream G280, Gulfstream G200, Challenger 300, Citation Sovereign, Challenger 350, Citation X, Falcon 50/ 50EX, Citation X+. Hawker 1000 and Hawker 4000
  • Heavy Jets: Challenger 601, Embraer Legacy 600, Challenger 604/ 605, Embraer Legacy 650, Falcon 900, Falcon 2000, Falcon 7X/ 8X, Gulfstream 450, Gulfstream IV/ V, Gulfstream 650, Gulfstream 550 and Global XRS Series

Highly Trained Pilots

Tavaero Jet Charter has highly trained crew members who are trained at Simuflite International or Flight Safety, which specialize in training aviation employees with state-of-the-art equipment and technology and the most advanced and current aircraft information.

Excellent Customer Service

Tavaero’s dispatch department understands the importance of every flight and ensures that it is perfect right to the last detail. The company offers customer service that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Dedicated Office Staff

Tavaero Jet Charter has a team of dedicated, competent and courteous administrative staff that provides customers with assistance 24×7.

Flawless Safety

Tavaero puts safety above everything else and all the training audits and resources support the philosophy of tradition, attitude, experience and motivation. Tavaero depends on organizations such as Simuflite, Flight Safety, ARGUS and Wyvern to maintain their exceptional safety record.

Aircraft Sales

Tavaero Jet Charter also assists customers to purchase the “Right aircraft at the right price”. The company has a deep knowledge and understanding of all aspect of aircraft ownership and offers services that include:

  • Objective, operation and mission analysis
  • Assessment of aircraft models, recommendation & selection
  • Selection and review of available aircrafts
  • Contract negotiation
  • Pre-purchase evaluation and closing
  • Delivery
  • Completion consulting
  • On-going support

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