Located just 8.6 miles from the city-state of Singapore in the northeastern direction, Seletar airport spans 160 hectares in the part of Singapore. Managed by Changi Airport Group, it houses international aircraft charters, private flights, medical evacuation, maintenance, repair, overhauls and freighter operations. Seletar jet charters will land you in a vibrant aviation hub that serves as the gateway for business aviation.

The Seletar airport is an integral part of the 320 hectare Seletar Aerospace Park, providing the necessary connectivity and backbone infrastructure for the growth of this integrated industrial space for aerospace activities. This is where aircraft engines and components are manufactured, maintained, repaired and overhauled.

Built in 1929 and completed by the British just before the Second World War, it served as a military base. In 1968, the then Department Of Civil Aviation (DCA) took over its management and continued to do so even after it was known as the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. In July 2009, the formation of Changi Airport Group saw the management pass on to the hands of the new entity.

Since 1995, the airport has been offering FBO services for passengers of Seletar jet charters. The facilities they can avail include an exclusive Business Aviation Centre, a lounge area, dedicated immigration security screening and other personalized services. A private and exclusive drop-off area assuring privacy and convenience.

By availing the services offered to passengers of Seletar jet charters, you can be in the city within 30 minutes of landing and make the most of your trip to Singapore. Singapore is not only a tourist’s delight but also a business hub. You can club business and pleasure to make the most of your trip. It is known for its shopping and fine dining. Its vibrant history provides tourists with diverse ethnic quarters to explore.

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