One of the most popular private jet charter companies in the United States, American Jet Charter is known for high-quality flying across a variety of destinations, whether they’re world-renowned business centers or rural points.

The company boasts access to more airports than commercial airlines, allowing for seamless flights with minimal connections that are flexible enough to suit passengers’ schedules. American Jet Charter places emphasis on saving time, a highly important part of private jet travel, which subsequently reduces costs, too.

Services offered by American Jet Charter include transportation, handling of baggage and security, excellent customer service and even shared private jet charters.

Passengers are picked up from their desired destinations and taken straight to the private terminal, which means no long lines at the airport, no irritating security checks (or worse, pat downs!) and waiting for ages for your flight to take off!

The company’s fleet includes Beech Baron 58, Citation V Encore, Citation Bravo, Challenger 350, Citation VII, Challenger and King Air E-90.

All jets feature enclosed lavatories, USB charging ports, and a refreshment center/galley, while some of the bigger jets also feature in-flight Wi-Fi, entertainment such as DVD and CD players, entertainment packages with games, bulkhead monitors and stand-up-sized cabins.

The company mostly offers one-way flights, and buying on a per-seat basis can, on average, cost passengers around $2,000, while buying an empty leg (the whole flight to yourself with seats other than yours unsold) can cost passengers around $7,500.

Costs also depend on the type of jet and distance flown, as well as the other factors that influence private jet charter quotes, such as airport, landing and incidental fees, fuel costs and so on.

Customers are also charged for short legs (any flight that is less than the company’s standard 150 miles), ground time and overnight charges, if any, all of which vary with the type of flight chosen. Some flights also come with a minimum 2-day usage mandate.

American Jet Charter is celebrating its 35th year in the aviation business, boasting a perfect safety record through this time, which speaks volumes for the company’s credibility and reliability.

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