For many of us, pets are family, and it can be heartbreaking to leave your pet behind when a family vacation is calling. Many pet parents end up choosing not to travel, owing to how sad their absence leaves their beloved pets.

private jet charter pet friendlyTaking your pet along on a commercial flight is possible, but it can be highly traumatic for your pet, not to mention risky, too.

Many times, airlines place restrictions on the number of pets you can take with you, the size and breed of the pet that can travel with you in the cabin, and put your precious pet in the hold, where, needless to say, the journey isn’t very comfortable.

Luckily, that’s exactly why private jet charters that are pet friendly exist. Though they can be slightly more expensive (although sometimes this little upgrade is free of charge), they’re worth the comfort, security and peace of mind that they provide to both pets and pet-owners alike.

Not all charters offer this option though but worry not, we’ve made a selection of the best on the market and incredibly enough, all of them offer pet-friendly private jet charters to boot – just make sure to include it in the filters or make it a request – take a look at the selection below and choose the perfect one for you:

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Why Choose Pet-Friendly Private Jet Charters?

A private jet charter that is pet-friendly is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Seasonal Embargoes: Airlines place restrictions on pet travel in the baggage hold based on the season; when the heat exceeds 84 degrees Fahrenheit or the cold is way below 45 degrees Fahrenheit on the tarmac, your pet won’t be allowed to fly in the hold, unlike in private jet charters that are pet friendly, where pets travel with you in the cabin, at the same temperature as you.
  • Number and Type of Pets: Most commercial airlines place restrictions on the number of pets that can travel with you (generally one per passenger) unless they’ve been checked in as cargo. Additionally, certain breeds that tend to have breathing difficulties at high altitudes, such as bulldogs, pugs, Persian cats and Shih Tzus, are not allowed to travel on commercial airlines.
  • Comfort: Your pet can get traumatized by the number of strangers he or she needs to fly with and the limited space available in the cabin. Additionally, the seats in most airplanes are just about enough to fit an adult; it can be quite hassling and uncomfortable to have an additional body on such seats, especially ones that weigh over 15 pounds and are over 12 inches tall.
  • Legal Requirements: Different countries have different immigration requirements for traveling pets and if you and your pet are frequent flyers, it can be a hassle to comply with a new law each time. Some countries only allow pets as cargo, while others have extremely stringent laws. Generally, a private jet charter that is pet-friendly will help you get the documentation done easily and quickly.
  • A Sense of Peace: You don’t have to worry about how your pet is holding up in the cargo hold, or how the airport staff is treating him or her. Your pet can travel comfortably with you, whether caged or set free to explore the cabin, giving you a sense of peace and security as you can monitor them throughout the journey, as compared to commercial flights.

In addition to this, choosing a private jet charter that is pet-friendly can be convenient for owners, as they can fly according to their own schedule, depart from an airport of their choice, fly in the aircraft they want, skip long check in or security lines, enjoy delicious in-flight catering (for your beloved pet too) and enjoy a distraction-free, private flight.

What Does Your Pet Need to Fly?

Pets in the United States must meet the following requirements to fly:

  • Be at least 8 weeks old
  • Be weaned
  • Have a medical certificate from a vet (required by some states)
  • Up-to-date vaccinations, especially for rabies

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