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Longest Range Private JetsInterested in knowing what the longest range private jet is? Well we’ve got you covered with an updated list of all the private jets with the longest range on the market – even though the sector’s competition is fierce, some models and manufacturers stand out due to their incredible capability to fly non-stop for a massive amount of nautical miles, placing them at the top of our list.

Long range private jets allow the user to perform transatlantic flights safely and some models even allow you to fly between any two cities in the world (from Miami to Dubai, for example, or  New York to Hong Kong) completely shattering any barriers and making world-wide travels that much faster, easier and comfortable.

Before we get into the winners, pictures and details, here’s a quick overview of all the longest range private jets:

longest range private jets graph

1. Boeing Business Jet 777X – range 11,645 nm

Boeing 777X Longest Range Private Jet

Photograph: MB-one, clipping: Marc Lacoste

Setting a new record by a surprising amount of nautical miles, the Boeing Business Jet 777X is the longest range private jet currently available in the market.

Even with fierce, ever-evolving competition, the twin-engine Boeing Business Jet 777X has been a step above the competition ever since it launched in 2018 with its incredible 11,645 nm range. That’s not all though – it also features an immensely spacious 2,356-sq-ft cabin coupled with a 19 ft 7 in width, making it one of the largest options on the market as well and offering owners nearly unlimited customization options. From on-air offices to high-flying homes, there’s nothing that can’t be realized with this much space available.

It can safely hold 75 passengers on board while, as mentioned above, flying over 11,500 nm without needing to engage in refueling. It’s among the first private jets ever built that can fly between any two cities in the world without stopping. Those numbers and features are so deeply impressive that it’s no wonder the 777X has been the reigning champion of long range private jets ever since its release.

Now, with all of these record-breaking features and capabilities, it’s no wonder the price is also reflective of that: the BBJ 777X costs around $400 million dollars, without customization options, making it not only the longest range private jet in the world, but also one of the most expensive.

2. Boeing Business Jet 787 – range 9,945 nm

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Longest Range Private Jet

Photograph: AlexanderCraker

Spot number 2 on our list goes to another Boeing aircraft, the impressive BBJ 787, which like several other private jets, was firstly designed for commercial use but eventually redesigned as a business jet – and with great success.

The popular Boeing Dreamliner 787 pushed the envelope for long range private jets when it was first released, leading the industry with a dominating 9,945 nm long range of non-stop flight. It was a stunning feat at the time and it still stands true to this day, as you can see by its placement on our list.

As it is customary with any long range private jet, the Boeing Dreamliner 787 features outstandingly spacious and comfortable interiors, with impressively high ceilings and large amounts of room for placing any customization you might want – offices, beds, sofas, lounges – while also having the unique feature of pressurizing the cabin around 2,000ft lower than other jets. This has been proven to offer benefits such as reducing jetlag and improving comfort while flying, both of which are extremely important, and highly appreciated, when taking long flights, which is what the 787 is built for.

3. Bombardier Global 8000 – range 8,000 nm

Bombardier Global-8000 Longest Range Private Jet

Photograph: Bombardier

Designed and built from the very beginning to impress, the incredibly good looking Bombardier Global 8000 is a top of the line private aircraft that features unique wing design, stellar interiors, luxurious customization options and, as expected by being in the third place on our list, it is also one of the longest range private jets you can get, clocking in at 8,000 nm of maximum range without having to stop for refueling. That stunning range allows it to be able to travel to nearly any 2 cities around the world in one go (New York to Hong Kong, for example), which is incredible for a jet of its size.

It’s fast too, being able to reach a top speed of Mach 0.925 while maintaining excellent stability and comfort, which is essential for long range travel. Bombardier designed this jet for the business minded customer, featuring three individual suits (which can be customized per the customer’s unique liking, of course) and full connectivity coverage, guaranteeing that you can always stay linked to your work, meetings, and anything else you require on the air.

The unique and instantly recognizable wing design is not only for the good looks either, as it also adds to the smoothness of the flight, which is highly appreciated whenever you have to go for longer travels.

While it doesn’t have as much range as the Boeing models seen above, it’s still immensely capable and a true wonder of private aviation, especially in terms of design.

4. Bombardier Global 7500 – range 7,700 nm

Bombardier_Global_7500 Longest Range Private Jet

Photograph: Bidgee

Similarly to the 8000 model seen above, the Bombardier Global 7500 is another beautifully designed and very long range private jet model, being able to travel up to 7,700 nm without having to stop. At one time, it set the record for any private jet models, even beating out the powerful Boeing models, but it has since been surpassed.

Still, it maintains its position as one of the longest range private jets to this day, allowing you to travel between nearly all of the world’s popular major cities, such as Miami to Dubai or San Francisco and Singapore.

It’s quite large too, being able to hold 19 passengers with its 54 ft 5 in cabin, which allows it to feature super comfortable interiors, including the famous on-board bed (depending on the customization, it can also be an extra office or a washroom for example), hence its massive popularity. It can also reach a top speed of Mach 0.925, making it very fast.

5. Gulfstream G650ER – range 7,500 nm

Gulfstream_G650 Long Range Private Jet

Photograph: Steve Lynes

The American Gulfstream G650 set the standard for private air flight when released in 2014, due to its excellent combination of size, speed, comfort, modern technology and incredible safety. Then, years after its highly successful launch, the improved G650ER edition was released and offered 500 nm more of range, a welcome addition.

With its Rolls-Royce engine, clocking in at a max speed of Mach 0.925, combined with its long range of 7,500 nm, beautiful design and attractive pricing, it’s easy to see why the G650ER was and still is an extremely popular choice for anyone that wants to own a luxurious, long range private jet.

6. Gulfstream G550 – range 6,750 nm

Gulfstream G550 Long Range Private Jet

Photograph: Wo st 01

An older version of the G650ER seen previously, the Gulfstream G550 is still a very capable long range private jet, being able to fly for 6,750 nm without stopping and reaching a top speed of M 0.885, while holding up to 19 passengers.

The Rolls-Royce BR710 C4-11 engines ensure that the flights are speedy, smooth and reliable too, while the classically luxurious and comfortable Gulfstream interiors are guaranteed to make your flight look and feel amazing.

7. Gulfstream G600 – range 6,500 nm

Gulfstream G600 Long Range Private Jet

Photograph: Anna Zvereva

Yet another Gulfstream model on our list, the G600 delivers everything you’ve come to expect from the manufacturer – gorgeous interiors, good looking design, high passenger capacity (up to 19 people on board), spacious interiors with sleeping areas and of course, a long range capability of up to 6,500 nautical miles.

All this with a stunning top speed of Mach 0.925, ensuring you reach your destination quickly and safely. While it doesn’t have as much range as the newer 650ER, it’s still a very capable choice and the price might surprise you, since it starts at around $53 million, which is fairly affordable for this type of jet.

8. Dassault Falcon 8X – range 6,450 nm

Dassault Falcon 8X Long Range Private Jet

Photograph: Matti Blume

The Dassault Falcon 8X came out swinging from France, showing everyone that the manufacturer was still in the game and could deliver a truly outstanding offering in private aviation.

It’s the furthest flying model from the manufacturer and, apart from the long range of 6,450 nm, it also focuses on fantastic design and technological enhancements, making it a truly unique choice in the market – especially with its rare trijet configuration and fantastic fuel efficiency, a staple of the previous 7X model.

While it’s smaller than some of the previous models on this list, with a cabin length of 42.67 ft, it can still hold up to 16 passengers and fly up to Mach 0.9 speeds. The more compact design also has other bonuses, such as being able to use smaller airports (London City, for example).

9. Dassault Falcon 900EX – range 5,000 nm

Dassault Falcon 900EX Long Range Private Jet

Photograph: Netopýr

Now we’re going old school, with the famous Dassault Falcon 900EX, first released in 1996. The 900EX is the long-range version of the original Falcon 900, and it’s able to fly up to 5,000 nm without stopping – incredible for its release date.

It can hold up to 12 passengers on board and already includes modern features such as a satellite phone, media players and more. It’s also customizable, being able to fit in a bar, bathrooms and more.

Even though it’s fairly old at this point, it’s still used to this day due to its tried and true reliability, comfort and attractive price.

10. Gulfstream III – range 4,100 nm

Gulfstream III Long Range Private Jet

Photograph: Pedro Aragão

Another old-school choice, the insanely popular Gulfstream III has been a staple of private aviation ever since its release in the 1980s. While the range is starting to look a little low when compared to the larger and newer models, 4,100 nm is nothing to scoff at, plus it can hold up to 16 passengers depending on its configuration.

With its classic charm, tested reliability and safety and comfortable interiors, the Gulfstream III is still used to this day and available for deep customization, ensuring you can get all the modern amenities such as wifi, gorgeous interiors, touch controls and much more, while still using this classic, lightweight and long-lasting jet.

11. Cessna Citation Longitude – range 3,500 nm

Cessna Citation Longitude Long Range Private Jet

Photograph: Anna Zvereva

The only Cessna entry on our list, we had to include this model because even though its range isn’t particularly stunning – maxing at 3,500 nautical miles – the whole package itself can make it a worthwhile choice.

First of all, 3,500 nm is still transatlantic range and can get you to most destinations with ease, plus with the focus that the Citation has on a top of the line, luxurious flight experience, you’ll be flying in ecstasy and elegance whenever you need to travel.

Even though it’s mid-sized, it can hold up to 12 passengers and reach a speed of around Mach 0.719. The interiors are all about unmatched elegance and comfort, showing off a gorgeous attention to detail and high quality furniture while the exterior projects an air of absolute class.


With ever-evolving technology and strong competition, long range private jets have become fantastically effective throughout the years, resulting in the excellent selection we have currently available. The longest range private jets can take you to anywhere in the world without stopping once – an astonishing feet for private aviation – and even the smaller modern aircraft now have impressively long range support that far surpass transatlantic capabilities.

We hope that this carefully crafted list has opened your eyes to the wonderful word of long range private jets, shown you the very best models on the market and that we were able to share some interesting facts about them with you. Thanks for reading and as always – safe travels!

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