Private jets come in various shapes and sizes and a light jet charter is an increasingly popular choice among many business travelers and vacationers alike, especially the A-listers.

Such flights are ideal for short, quick journeys without any compromise on the luxury, privacy and security that comes with private jets. Additionally, they provide great value for money and are extremely flexible for smaller range flights (as they can fly and fit pretty much anywhere with ease). To find a fantastic light jet charter today, be sure to use one of our top recommended services below:

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A light jet charter aircraft is capable of transporting a maximum gross takeoff weight anywhere up to 12,500 pounds. Such flights can easily and comfortably accommodate up to 7 passengers and can fly, on average, around 2,700 miles at a maximum speed of 500 miles/hour. (On average, though, they can fly 1,500 nonstop miles.)

light jet charterAnother reason that many passengers opt for a light jet charter is its ability to land on small runways in small airports, which means that passengers are brought much closer to where they want to go, as opposed to large commercial flights that need long runways to land.

In addition to this, light jet charters have enclosed lavatories, in-flight entertainment, mini galleys and concierges who are able to pay more exclusive attention to each passenger’s needs, thanks to the small number.

A light jet charter is a popular choice for regional travel that takes 3 hours or lesser. Apart from this, these jets are also used for a variety of commercial activities, such as aerial tours, aerial photography and to transport light (often valuable) cargo.

Per hour charges for light jets can cost anywhere between $1,800 and $2,200 per hour, though higher-end flight services may cost between $2,200-3,200, prior to additional charges for fuel, baggage and fees.

However, how much you pay also depends on which flight you choose and the distance you’re flying. Luckily, many services provide price guarantees to customers.

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