Learjet charter is one of the most exciting and luxurious ways of traveling around the world. The company Learjet was founded in the mid-20th century and is one of the best-known manufacturers of top-quality business jets. The parent company Clay Lacy established Clay Lacy Aviation in the United States, becoming the first private jet charter company in the western part of the country.

The Bombardier Learjet name is now producing high-quality aircraft that offer agility, speed, and efficiency. The Learjet 35, Learjet 55, Learjet 45XR and Learjet 75 are some of the best Learjet charter planes one can rent. Not only are these the best Learjet charter planes, but these are also some of the best charter planes in general – use any of our top recommended chartering services to book your learjet charter with unbeatable ease and attractive pricing:

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Top 5 Learjet Charter Features

Different models of Learjets are likely to have specific features, but there are some features that may be common across models, with some variations. The following are some of the features the Learjet charter planes offer:

  • Space-saving design for the cabin so there is more space for everyone on board
  • A heated external baggage compartment so your luggage can be taken care of
  • There is also a smaller luggage area in the interior for the compact bags
  • An environmental system that can keep noise levels below 72 decibels
  • Innovative temperature control

Learjet Prices

learjet charterThe pricing for different Learjet models will be different, depending on their capacity and the size of the jet. Typically, most Learjet models will have all the features that have been described above, so the cost will include all these incredible facilities.

For example, a Bombardier Learjet 40/40XR can be rented at $5,500 per flying hour. Whereas, a Bombardier Learjet 60XR may cost you approximately $7,000 per flying hour. The Learjet 45 can cost you approximately $3,600 per flying hour.

These figures are, of course, subject to change based on fuel prices and various other fluctuations in the market. Most of the Learjet models are mid-sized jets that can accommodate up to six people, in some instances the capacity can be larger. These jets can also cover a fairly long distance and are great for transatlantic flights.

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