When it comes down to long non-stop flights or trans-oceanic travel, a large cabin jet charter is a perfect choice. These jets are designed to travel, on average, 4,500 miles under ideal conditions, which translates into 9 hours of non-stop flight time. A large cabin jet charter can comfortably seat anywhere between 8 to 12 passengers, along with enough space for their baggage. Some jets can even accommodate up to 19 passengers.

Large cabin jet charters are extremely popular for a range of reasons, right from their speed, travel efficiency and capacity, to the ability to make quick work of short runways—an ability that is lacking in commercial jets. That they’re extremely stylish, sophisticated and often luxuriously decked are other major draws! If you’re looking to book a jet charter with a large cabin, our recommended top services have got you covered – just make sure to look for large cabins or heavier jets when searching:

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Features of Jet Charters with Large Cabins

All large-cabin jet charter flights feature a fully stocked and equipped galley where on-board flight attendants can prepare food and drinks to serve. You will also find an enclosed lavatory in every large-cabin jet charter.

large cabin jet charter

In addition to this, such flights feature extremely spacious interiors, with facilities to accommodate sleeping in a reclined position, though this may depend on the number of passengers traveling.

Why Choose a Large-Cabin Jet Charter?

There are several advantages to picking a large-cabin jet charter, such as:

  • When you put commercial airlines next to private airplanes, the latter will almost always have more cabin space; some are even equipped with stand-up cabins that can have 6-foot passengers standing comfortably.
  • The fact that they’re meant for long travel hours means that large-cabin jets come with big fuel tanks and engines, enabling them to travel longer and further without the need to refuel.
  • A large cabin jet charter is more spacious and comfortable than commercial flights. Such flights can easily accommodate all the passengers’ baggage (as much as the flight’s capacity allows), allow fully-reclining sleeping, and have ample leg space.
  • Such flights are luxurious, right from the decoration to extra services and amenities to the flight attendants. With fewer passengers to care for, you receive more attention and care.
  • The fully-equipped galleys are a great plus; passengers are generally left wanting for nothing.

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