Are you thinking of an international charter? You could be flying out of the US or already in another country and looking for a private jet. Before hiring one, we recommend you do some due diligence to make sure that the carrier is reliable and using airworthy aircraft, that their crew is well trained and, of course, their pricing is reasonable.

If you are flying from the US a whole bunch of international handling costs come into the picture. These range from over-flight permits, landing permits, navigation and communication fees in addition to international passenger taxes. Though you may be expected to pay in advance based on the carrier’s estimates, don’t be surprised if the actual costs are higher and you are served with a bill at a later date. In case the international jet charter service provider bills you only based on the actual charges, you may get the bill much later.

Some of the things you should know about the international jet charter for a safe and comfortable journey include:

  • Whether the operator has an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), an authorization provided by the FAA to allow an organization to legally charter aircraft to the general public. The certified operators need to comply with FAA requirements to maintain this accreditation. Those who do not comply with these regulations cannot charter their aircraft.
  • The types of aircraft the operator has in its fleet as different aircraft serve different missions. You will want a large cabin aircraft for long overseas flights and turboprop aircraft to fly into small mountain towns with lots of ski gear.
  • The location of the fleet is important. The closer home it is, the better as that will bring down the overall cost of the charter.
  • Make sure the carrier has been audited by a third-party safety auditing firm.
  • Ensure that your operator offers live 24/7 phone support so that you can communicate amendments to your plans directly to them.
  • Make sure your operator offers you the option to pay upfront or pay as you go so that you can choose the one that works for you.
  • Look for the experience and the number of hours the operator has flown as it can make a big difference in emergency flying conditions.
  • In that context, an operator with a robust and active safety management system is worth choosing over one who does not.
  • Whether the operator can handle last-minute charter requests is one more thing you should find out.
  • Whether the catering charges are for what you receive as that will keep your costs low.

Be it for personal reasons or business, an international jet charter is not a matter to be taken lightly. A knowledgeable carrier with well-trained staff is important. Make a list of anything else you might want to clarify so that you can choose the one matching your needs. When flying international jet charter, peace of mind and safety are just as essential as comfort and service quality. So don’t hesitate to ask questions and be satisfied before you book one.

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