The largest and most luxurious kind of private-jet travel, heavy jet charters are the cream of the private jet crop! Passengers flying on heavy jets are treated to comfort, tons of space and a large range of amenities. In addition to this, there’s more privacy, more headroom and a larger number of passengers that can be accommodated.

True to their nature, in a heavy jet charter, the luxury is 10 times bigger than in smaller or mid-size jets. To book a heavy jet charter for yourself, be sure to use a service that has a large aircraft network that can handle your request – any of our top recommendations below are sure to successfully take care of your needs with unbeatable speed, ease of use and beautifully attractive pricing:

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Here’s a brief 101 on heavy jet charters!


heavy jet charterA heavy jet charter is meant for long-distance travel, which generally means over 12 hours of flying. Thanks to their large tanks and engines, these jets can go long distances without the need to refuel.

Additionally, heavy jet charters are extremely spacious; this means that passengers can carry as much baggage as they wish, there’s plenty of legroom, there’s space enough for private washrooms, and fully-equipped galleys with lavish meals coming out of them are the norm.

They also feature relatively higher cabins, compared to other jets—they come with a cabin height of 6.1 feet, giving even taller people comfortable standing room.

A heavy jet charter is the fastest flight of all jets (light, midsize and super midsize) and as mentioned earlier, can fly the farthest too. Such jets average 400-500 miles per hour; the speed depends on the type of jet itself.

Heavy jets can easily accommodate up to 18 passengers and easily cover a 5900-nautical-mile range. The per-hour costs range between $4,000 and $8,950; again, this depends on the type of jet, the distance covered and the operator.

The Bottom-line

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, choosing the right-sized private jet is important. If your budget allows it, a heavy jet charter is a great option—it’s the most spacious, fastest, most luxurious and easily the best of the lot!

However, do consider the necessity of such a size—you don’t want to simply waste resources or place unnecessary stress on the environment.

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