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Flying commercial has its ups and downs, but its major disadvantage is the long hours in waiting lines and the lengthy flights. That’s why, if you want to have a comfortable and luxurious trip, while reaching your destination as quickly as possible, getting yourself one of the fastest private jets in the world – or simply booking a charter flight on one – is the best option. Today, we’ll be looking at a list of the top 11 fastest private jets in the world, ranked by max Mach speed.

Even though we’ll be showing you the top 11 aircraft, we’ll also answer the main question, right away:

What is the fastest private jet in the world?

The Bombardier Global 8000 is the world’s fastest private jet, with a top speed of 0.94 mach. Even though it is still in its final development stages, it is expected to hit the market in 2025.

world's fastest private jets

Top 11 Fastest Private Jets in the World

As you can see in the bar chart above, the top 3 fastest private jets in the world are the Bombardier Global 8000 (0.94 mach), the Cessna Citation+ (0.935 mach), and the Gulfstream G700 (0.925 mach).

Keep reading our article and find out all about these jets, as well as all the other contenders on our list of the top 11 world’s fastest private jets.

1. Bombardier Global 8000 – 0.94 Mach

Bombardier Global 8000 - world's fastest private jet

Image Courtesy of Bombardier

The Bombardier Global 8000 is the world’s fastest private jet, reaching a top speed of 0.94 mach. Described as the “The flagship for a new era”, this aircraft is also one of the private jets with the longest range, capable of reaching an astounding length of 8,000 nautical miles. Even though it is the same size as its predecessor (Global 75000), it has an improved performance and better overall mechanics, as well as design.

Its quiet engines and Smooth Flĕx Wings offer all 19 of its passengers a superb experience and one of the smoothest rides to ever hit the skies. It is expected to be available in the market in 2025, for a price of about $78 million, even though the price tag can change until then.

2. Cessna Citation X+ – 0.935 Mach

Cessna Citation X+ - world's fastest private jet

Image Courtesy of Konstantin von Wedelstaedt collection

The Cessna Citation X+ has a max speed of 0.935 Mach, making it the world’s fastest private jet, in the active. It can also reach a maximum altitude of 51,000 ft, while never losing the support of its leading-edge avionics (full-dimension renderings of terrain, precise weather patterns, individualized layouts, etc…).

The Cessna Citation was introduced in 1996, with the “+” series appearing in 2012 – this upgrade brought a longer cabin and improved systems. Overall, it’s a really fast jet that is able to offer a comfortable ride for up to 12 passengers, which you can get for about $23 million.

3. Gulfstream G700 – 0.925 Mach

Gulfstream G700 - world's fastest private jet

Image Courtesy of Gulfstream

The Gulfstream G700 has a max speed of 0.925, which makes it the third-fastest in our list. It is considered the “Rolls Royce of private jets”, which makes sense since it has 2 high-thrust Rolls-Royce engines. It can accommodate up to 13 passengers, 8 if they’re all sleeping in comfortable beds. Even though it is not quite available yet (software-related issues have postponed it until late 2022), you’ll be able to get it for $78 million.

We could also fit, in third, some of Gulfstream’s latest models (G500, G600, G650, and G650ER), as well as the predecessor to Bombardier Global 8000 (Global 7500). This shows that both Gulfstream and Bombardier have been producing fast jets for years now.

4. Dassault Falcon 8X – 0.90 Mach

Dassault Falcon 8X - world's fastest private jet

Image Courtesy of Matti Blume

The Falcon 8X is the first Dassault on our list, but not the only one. With a max speed of 0.90 mach, this aircraft is currently one of the fastest business jets around and has the largest cabin built by Dassault.

If you go to Dassault’s website you can actually take a 360 tour of their Falcon 8X and see the comfort and luxury they’re talking about. Not only that, but its advanced technological features are also something to take into account, especially its Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) – “40 years of fighter jet heritage”.

You can own this aircraft for a price tag of $38 million if we’re talking about the 2016 model and $62.50 million for the 2022 model. In 4th we could have also mentioned its predecessor (Falcon 7X) and some older Bombardier Global models (5500 and 6500).

5. Gulfstream G550 – 0.885 Mach

Gulfstream G550 - world's fastest private jet

Image Courtesy of Alan Wilson

The Gulfstream G550 is a bit slower than the rest of the jets in its series, but it can still reach 5th place on our list, with a max speed of 0.885 mach. This shows that even the slowest of Gulfstream jets are one of the fastest around. Even though its production ceased in July 2021, there are still many units active, especially due to its economic price tag – $13 million for a 2003 model and $41 million for a 2020 model.

Its improved drag reduction leads to better fuel efficiency and, consequently, a longer range than the well-known Gulfstream V. However, one of its major strengths is the ability to accommodate 19 passengers plus 2 crew members, which is pretty impressive if we think how fast it can travel.

6. Dassault Falcon 900B – 0.87 Mach

Dassault Falcon 900B - world's fastest private jet

Image Courtesy of Alan Lebeda

Even though it is another Falcon, the 900B is a bit different, with a max speed of 0.87 mach. The Falcon 20 was upgraded to the Falcon 50, which lead to the Falcon 900. The “B” version stands for more range – 4,000 nautical miles, with 8 passengers.

In terms of price tag, you can get yourself a 1999 model for about $9 million, invest a bit more on interiors and avionic upgrades and spend a total of $12 million.

7. Dassault Falcon 2000LXS – 0.86 Mach

Dassault Falcon 2000LXS - world's fastest private jet

Image Courtesy of ERIC SALARD

The third and last Dassault on our list is the Falcon 2000LXS, with a max speed of 0.86 mach. Just like the other jets from this series, this aircraft features the EASy II, something they refer to as the “world’s most advanced flight deck”. Add their renowned Combined Vision System – the FalconEye, and you’ve got an amazingly technology-driven jet.

The 2000LXS was first launched in 2012, and comes with a price tag of $17 million. If you’re looking for something a bit more economical, the Falcon 2000LX still brings mostly the same features but only has a price tag of $10 million.

8. Bombardier Challenger 650 – 0.85 Mach

Bombardier Challenger 650 - world's fastest private jet

Image Courtesy of Anna Zvereva

As you can see, the Challenger series isn’t as fast as the Global one, even though the Bombardier Challenger 650 has a top speed of 0.85 mach, which makes it the 8th fastest private jet in the world. This aircraft was introduced in 2015 and, compared with the 605, it has a redesigned interior, better avionics and a 5% increase in takeoff thrust.

This aircraft can carry 12 passengers and it not only is quite spacious, but its sound-insulating structures create a very peaceful ambient. Lastly, in terms of values, a new Challenger 650 can be bought for $32 million, even though you can get yourself a used, older model, for under $1 million.

9. Cessna Citation Longitude – 0.84 Mach

Cessna Citation Longitude - world's fastest private jet

Image Courtesy of Anna Zvereva

The Cessna Citation Longitude is our 9th fastest jet, with a max speed of 0.84 mach. It obtained its final certification in 2019 and up to February 2021, 33 aircraft were produced.

It has the Honeywell HTF7000 turbofans, which allows it to accommodate 8 passengers through a 3500 nautical mile trip. It is also highly customizable, meaning you can have an interior that meets your requirements and your style. Its price tag can range from $21 million to $30 million (depending if you choose the 2019 or the 2020 model).

10. Embraer Praetor 600 – 0.83 Mach

Embraer Praetor 600 - world's fastest private jet

Image Courtesy of ZLEA

Even though Embraer is known as one of the largest companies in the private jet industry, its first sentry is only the 10th fastest private jet in the world – the Embraer Praetor 600, with a top speed of 0.83 mach.

The Praetor 600 is the upgraded version of the Legacy series, with a maximum range of 4018 nautical miles. This super mid-sized jet can carry up to 9 passengers and has a long list of cabin amenities, such as a fully enclosed lavatory, a microwave oven, and an in-flight entertainment & sound system. Lastly, its price tag starts at $21 million.

11. Cessna Citation Sovereign – 0.8 Mach

Cessna Citation Sovereign - world's fastest private jet

Image Courtesy of Acroterion

The Cessna Citation Sovereign, also known as Citation 680, is the last private jet on our list, with a max speed of 0.8 mach. It is an American mid-sized business jet, introduced in 2004, capable of accommodating 9 passengers and 2 crew members.

In 2021, the production of the Sovereign was terminated, mainly because it overlapped the audience of the better and most recent Cessna Longitude. However, you can still buy it for about $6.5 million.

Private jets are usually divided into various size categories, but our most asked questions about top speed are related to two in particular: Larger corporate/business jets and smaller personal jets. Now, which current aircraft is the fastest in each category? Let’s take a look!

World’s Fastest Personal Jet

Cessna Citation 500 - World's Fastest Personal Jet

Image Courtesy of Pedro Aragão

If we’re looking for the fastest light jets that can be flown by a single pilot, the Cessna Citation series has a few contenders, even though the number one is the Cessna Citation 500, with a max speed of 0.705 mach.

It can accommodate 5 passengers and has a maximum range of 730 nautical miles.

World’s Fastest Corporate Jet

If business is your goal, you’ll need a bigger and more spacious corporate jet. For that, we have to pick our world’s fastest jet, the Bombardier Global 8000. Even though it is still not on the market, the speed it brings and the space it has makes it the number one choice for businessmen all around the world, as you can reach your destination extra fast, as well as run your company on board.

World’s Fastest Supersonic Jet

Currently, there are a few aircraft that can get really close to supersonic speed (1 mach), but due to restrictions in a lot of geographical areas, they can’t really take advantage of their powerful engines. With that in mind, we brought 2 prototypes that will definitely change the landscape for supersonic private jets.

Boom Overture – 1.7 Mach

Boom Overture - world's fastest supersonic jet

Image Courtesy of Boom Supersonic

Capable of reaching 1.7 mach, the Boom Overture is an American jet, to be introduced in 2029. Even though we’re still missing a few years of development, this jet is expected to hit the “private” range, which will bring a lot of debate on what is legal or not in terms of breaking the sound barrier.

Aerion AS2 – 1.6 Mach

The Aerion AS2 can hit an amazing speed of 1.6 mach, while flying. The problem is that Aerion has not met its funding goals for the AS2, meaning the aircraft that was announced in 2014 and made its maiden flight in 2019 is stalled, mid-development. We’re still waiting, in June 2022, for some investors to take this project and bring it back to life.

Who Owns the Fastest Private Jet in The World

Bombardier owns the fastest private jet in the world – the Global 8000. As we’ve stated before, even though it is not yet on the market, the Global 8000 is set to be the quickest private jet around and the Canadian company is behind it.

Bombardier Inc. was founded in 1942, by a man called Joseph-Armand Bombardier. It was this man’s desire of building a car that could glide on snow, after his son’s death, when a blizzard prevented him from reaching a hospital, that gave the soul to this pioneer company, which entered the plane industry many years later.

Faster Everyday 

As you can see, not only do we have private jets that are able to reach amazing speeds, but the future is full of prototypes and developing projects that will surely set the bar even higher. We are walking to a future where speed can be combined with luxury and comfort and these private jets are surely the answer.

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