Executive jet charters are becoming increasingly popular, with many business executives choosing to travel by an executive jet charter over commercial flights, finding the former more flexible and comfortable. Despite how expensive a private jet flight can be, they offer more benefits than commercial flights which make it seem worth the price tag to many fliers.

Additionally, for many business people who travel frequently, an executive private jet charter allows them the luxury of skipping long lines at the airport, saving a ton of time – and you know what they say about time and money!

Now in order to get a great executive jet charter, you need a service that can handle your request and cater to your needs, and we’ve personally chosen the very best ones on the market. Take a look at them below:

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Why Choose an Executive Jet Charter

executive jet charterIn addition to saving time from not having to stand in long queues, an executive jet charter comes with a ton of benefits, such as personalized services, personal in-flight concierges, ground transportation and a company that does all your planning for you, including getting documents in order and meeting other travel needs.

Other reasons why an executive jet charter could be beneficial include:

  • The ability to conduct meetings during flight time too, thanks to the privacy and exclusivity of the charter
  • No delays in take-off or landing that commercial flights are sometimes prone to
  • The ability to fly according to your schedule
  • Shorter travel time as you can fly to and from the closest airport
  • The ability to even book a charter in the last minute, which is highly difficult with commercial flights
  • Easier booking process compared to commercial flights
  • Exclusive pick-up of executive airlines, unlike commercial flights, for routes

How Much Does a Trip Cost?

How much you end up shelling out for an executive jet charter depends on where you’re flying from and to and what kind of jet you choose. The smaller the jet and the longer the distance, the more you’ll end up paying, due to the need for more frequent refueling, the extra time taken up in this and more landing fees. In addition to this, you’ll be charged for the following factors:

  • The fuel consumption for the distance you’re traveling. Since fuel prices constantly fluctuate, companies charge extra to make up any difference between the quote and the actual cost at the time of flying.
  • Landing fees at different airports, charged based on the aircraft’s size and weight
  • Airport fees, which you pay towards fixed-base operators (FBOs) in a particular airport; the fee is paid for services such as maintaining the cleanliness of the aircraft’s washrooms, ground transportation and fuel arrangements.
  • Miscellaneous costs such as ramp fees, overnight accommodation for crew members of the charter and their accommodation as well, during stop overs

Taking all this into consideration, small jets $2,900-4,100 per hour for 40-60-minute flights, between $5,500-$7,000 for flights that are 3-4.5 hours long in midsize jets and anywhere between $11,500-20,000 per hour in large jets for journeys that take between 5-12 hours.

Small jets can accommodate 3-6 passengers, while mid-sized jets can accommodate between 6-8 passengers (even 9, in some), whereas large jets can accommodate anywhere between 16 and 50 passengers!

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