With an empty leg jet charter, you can experience the ultimate luxury and comfort of having the entire aircraft for yourself, your family or work colleagues at a discounted price. So, what exactly is an empty leg jet charter and how can you benefit from one?

Most charter flights are booked one way, which means that the aircraft carries passengers for only one leg of the journey after which the flight either returns to the starting destination or repositions to another destination to ferry the next group of charter passengers.

This creates an empty leg jet charter or a deadhead flight, which occurs when the aircraft has to fly without any passengers to reposition itself to the next destination for its next passenger. Empty legs can happen for many reasons such as: the traveling client is not returning to the starting point; it is too costly for the plane and the crew to wait for the return leg; the charter plane is returning from the factory after servicing; the operator requires the aircraft elsewhere.

Flying empty can cost a considerable amount of money in terms of fuel, crew time, etc. And, often to recover these expenses, carriers offer empty leg jet charter flights or deadhead flights at considerably discounted rates – sometimes up to 75% off! All of our top jet charter recommendations offer empty leg flights – take a look at them below:

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Benefits of an Empty Leg Jet Charter

Empty legs are a great and cost-effective way to charter a jet. Often, these empty leg jet charters are sold by the operators at a discounted rate of even up to 75% off the original price and booking an empty leg jet charter is beneficial for both the carrier, as well as the passenger. The aircraft carrier can save cost, while the passenger gets discounts on travel. Around 33% of jet charters fly empty when they reposition, which essentially means that there are hundreds of seats that are available. So, you can charter a jet for the fraction of the cost of a regular jet charter. Empty leg jet charter offers savings of cost and time and travel comfort to passengers booking them.

Finding and Booking an Empty Leg Jet Charter

empty leg jet charterThe luxury travel experience during an empty leg remains the same as a regular charter. However, finding an empty leg that matches your travel itinerary can be quite tough as they’re not super common. However, there are various websites and services maintained by direct air carriers, charter brokers and independent aggregators that can simplify your task of finding and booking an empty leg jet charter according to your requirements – hence why going with one of the services we’ve recommended above is the very best choice, showing you all available empty leg jet charters in a quick and easy way.

How Much Do Empty Leg Jet Charters Cost?

As mentioned earlier, often empty leg jet charters are available at a discounted price of even up to 75% on the regular charter price. However, the price of empty leg jet charters depends on several factors such as the operator, type of aircraft, routing and other details. If the operator has not been able to sell the flight at the full price, they may be prepared to offer it at very low prices at the last minute. So, if you’re prepared to be flexible, an empty leg jet charter can be a great way of flying by private jet at very low prices.


An empty leg jet charter is an excellent opportunity for an individual traveler or a corporate group to experience the luxury and comfort of private jets. The benefits of an empty leg jet charter are perfect for a traveler looking for a great travel experience. So, the next time you are planning to charter a jet, you could evaluate your options and consider an empty leg jet charter.

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