If you’re planning to private charter a jet, you will often see a deadhead private jet charter being marketed by operators and brokers offering very steep discounts on a flight flying from a predetermined location to another. So, what is a deadhead private jet charter? Deadhead flights, also known as empty leg flights offer opportunities to travelers to fly on a private plane at a fraction of the cost. This is especially a huge advantage for leisure travelers who love flying around the world while not tied down to a specific schedule.

While deadhead private jet charter is a great way to fly private to any destination, it comes with a few limitations when compared to regular private jet rentals – they’re harder to find and not as flexible but their outstandingly affordable price makes it all worthwhile. To make sure you find deadhead private jet charters quickly and easily, simply use one of the aggregator services below – they’re unmatched:

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How Does a Deadhead Jet Charter Become Available?

There are many privately owned jets and aircrafts flying across the world and when not in use, several of them are available for charter. When the aircraft’s trips are booked and schedules are made, there may be a gap between the routing where the flight is booked one way and the aircraft needs to fly to another location in order to pick up passengers. The plane may also have to reposition to its home base after a flight with the pilot and crew on board. This is how an empty leg or deadhead flight becomes available.

“Deadhead” or empty leg is essentially the empty portion of the flight flying to a location whether or not there are paying passengers onboard. And, since the flight is anyways going to the location, often it is marketed for a specific date, time and route at a huge discount.

How to Find Deadhead Private Jet Charters

private jet charter deadheadIt is possible to find a deadhead flight on your own as several private jet operators list their deadhead flights on their websites along with the pricing.

A jet charter broker, like the ones we’ve shown above, can help to access to thousands of private aircraft from several operators around the world, thus increasing your chances of finding a deadhead matching with your travel plans.

Limitations of Deadhead Flights

Apart from the issue of finding a deadhead flight matching the date, destination and time of travel and the flexibility required in your travel plans, there may be a few more downsides. Deadhead flights are subject to changes and cancellation, which may be beyond your control.

Also, since the flights are usually based on a private charter flight of an existing traveler, your flight is usually fit around their schedule, which means that if the client makes any changes to their travel itinerary, then it will have an impact on your deadhead flight. For example, if the flight is delayed by the original client by a few hours, then the deadhead must also depart much later. There are also chances that the original flight is canceled, which means that your empty leg flight will also be canceled.


In conclusion, while with a deadhead private jet charter there are some limitations and you also lose the flexibility in terms of picking the date, time and route; there are loads of other amenities such as comfortable seats, private terminals and discounted rates that make deadhead private jet charters worth the wait.

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