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cost to land private plane at airportIf you’re trying to understand more about private jets, you must have already understood that these aircraft are quite convenient and can help you save time, money, and fly in maximum comfort. However, where do private planes land? Some owners have their own hangar, others use executive airports or even rural land strips, but a lot of them go for commercial airports. Now, even though there’s no simple answer, as there are always different situations and options to make, we will guide you into what it takes to land a private jet in an airport, the costs, and even the pros and cons, so stay tuned!

Nevertheless, there’s still the question of how much does it cost to land a private plane at an airport, which can be quickly answered:

How much does it cost to land a private plane at an airport?

Landing a private plane at an airport costs between $100 to $500, on average.

Now let’s dive into the details.

Landing Fees and Prices

Like any other business, airports also provide services to private customers, so if you want to land your private plane in a commercial airport, here’s a quick answer – you can! However, there’s always a fee to pay for such service, which is known as the landing fee – a receipt with the costs of landing, for each member aboard.

This fee contributes for the airport’s financial health and, therefore, its maintenance. Airports are tasked with important processes, and it’s necessary to guarantee they are safe for landings and takeoffs, with well-prepared runways and all the repairs in order. 

The price can vary from airport to airport and it is closely connected with the size and weight of the jet. Usually, smaller jets will pay according to the number of seats they accommodate, but heavier jets will be judge on weight, instead.

Landing Fee Coverage and Other Fees

As we’ve previously mentioned, the landing fee is used to help the airport to function at maximum efficiency, as well as to keep all their safety measures up to date, however, what does this fee really cover, and what does a jet owner get from it?

Airstrips need a lot of maintenance over the years, and it is recommended that, every 10 years, they be changed into new ones, which usually has a cost of around $10 million. Even though there are other additional fees, this is the main goal to where your landing fee is allocated.

Most airports have other fees, on top of the landing fee, which include fuel, inspections, safe spot from bad weather, among others. These ones can be separated or included in the total landing fee, and the final price will certainly depend on the size and weight of the jet, as well as the services it needs.

Commercial Vs Executive

When talking with private jet owners, you’ll notice that a lot of them prefer to take their business directly to private, executive airports, as there are a few advantages to it. But why is that?

When using commercial airports, a lot of private jets face what we call some crazy traffic. There’s a lot of planes coming and going and since they usually have priority, private jet pilots have to wait until there’s an opening. In small private airstrips, there’ hardly any wait at all, as you won’t find that much traffic.

Another reason that makes them prefer private airports is their efficiency, security and simplicity. When landing and taking off in a commercial airport, private jets are, a lot of times, rushed. This leads to a more stressful process, where some safety measures might be overlooked.

Land First, Ask Questions Later

As you can tell after reading our article, there’s no precise answer when it comes to using airports as a private jet owner, as there are many options that can influence the final cost, like different landing strips and and service fees. However, remember that the money you’re paying is being used, in most cases, for your own good, as it will be used to help maintain airports’ overall quality and safety. So, hopefully, next time you are looking for a place to land, you can know make the correct decision for your jet and for you wallet!

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