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bombardier private jet price listPopular and well-known for its amazing private jets, Bombardier is a leader in the private aviation industry, even having its hands on the train industry. However, it’s about private jets that we are here today and there is no doubt that their models are comfortable, stable, luxurious, and come in various shapes and sizes.

Today, we will present you with some of these models and the different price ranges between them. Bombardier is considered one of the best private jet manufacturers and we are here to show you why. Hold on to your seats and buckle up!

bombardier private jet price

Global 8000 – $78 million

Bombardier Global 8000 - Bombardier Private Jet Price List

Image by Bombardier

The fastest and smoothest jet from Bombardier, the Global 8000 has proven to be the crown jewel of this company, which describes it as the “the flagship for a new era”. Being the biggest and healthiest jet, with an incorporated HEPA filter and a full bedroom for a peaceful rest, the Global 8000 is like 2 aircraft in 1. It has a maximum range of 8,000nm and can comfortably accommodate up to 19 passengers, having quite the space to sleep, walk, and do many other activities. The price is roughly $78 million.

Global 7500 – $72 million

Bombardier Global 7500 - Bombardier Private Jet Price List

Image by Matti Blume

An ultra-long-range jet, the Global 7500 is so spacious and a true home in the sky, with 4 different cabin zones and a crew prepared to respond to any need. A full-sized kitchen, a complete lavatory, revolutionary seating and the cleanest air are some of the amenities and features that bring it above all competition. It has a 7,700nm range and can take up to 14 passengers, with space for 8 people to sleep in. The price of this jet is $72 million. Bombardier calls it the “world’s largest and longest-range business jet”.

Global 6500 – $56 million

Bombardier Global 6500 - Bombardier Private Jet Price List

Image by Alec Wilson

With an even larger cabin, the global 6500 is a pleasant upgrade that brings more space, more luxury, and more innovation. It has 3 different seating spaces and it’s designed to provide comfort, privacy, and all the commodities for a restful flight. Its range is 6,600nm and can take up to 17 passengers. The cost of this jet is $56 million.

Global 5500 – $46 million

Bombardier Global 5500 - Bombardier Private Jet Price List

Image by Alec Wilson

The Global 5500 is quite the jet, with an extremely wide cabin and an absolutely stunning interior, prepared with the best technology and extreme comfort. It has great features and amenities, such as lavatories, and a full-service galley. Its range is 5,900nm and can take up to 16 passengers. Its price is roughly $46 million.

Challenger 850 – $40 million

Bombardier Challenger 850 - Bombardier Private Jet Price List

Image by Anna Zvereva

This private jet model has one of the biggest and most comfortable cabins, able to take up to 14 passengers and space for 7 to sleep in. Its design was inspired by the CRJ200 jetliner ,it has a maximum range of 2,800 nm and comes with all the conveniences needed, from a kitchen to a master bedroom. Its purchase price is between $32 and $40 million.

Challenger 650 – $32 million

Bombardier Challenger 650 - Bombardier Private Jet Price List

Image by Anna Zvereva

The Bombardier Challenger 650 has an impressive range of 4,000nmi and can take up to 12 passengers. The cabin is spacious, comfortable, and with all the luxuries needed for a relaxed and enjoyable trip. It has HD and wireless appliances, and a lavatory, while also having the lowest direct operating costs. Its price rounds to $32 million.

Challenger 3500 – $27 million

Bombardier Challenger 3500 - Bombardier Private Jet Price List

Image by Bombardier

The predecessor of the challenger 350, the 3500 has the most technologically advanced cabin, with a range of 3,400nm and very low costs for its class. Its cabin is quite comfortable and features all the commodities needed such as sound-insulating doors, a spacious galley, a lavatory, and an entertainment system. The price rounds $26,7 million and it is expected to enter service in the second half of 2022.

Challenger 350 – $15 million

Bombardier Challenger 350 - Bombardier Private Jet Price List

Image by James

The Challenger 350 is one of the best-selling business jets and it’s able to land in more airports than any other jet. It can reach 3,200nmi without stopping and can accomodate up to 9 passengers, 3 sleeping, and a crew of 2 people. Just like the 300, it has all the amenities needed, such as a lavatory, microwave, espresso machine, and entertainment system. Its average price is $15 million.

Challenger 300 – $14 million

Bombardier Challenger 300 - Bombardier Private Jet Price List

Image by Andre Wadman

Introduced to the world in 2004 with a 3,100nm range, this private jet is perfect for business and for leisure, as it’s reliable, safe, and quite comfortable. It can take up to 8 passengers and comes with all the amenities needed, such as a DVD player, lavatory, refreshment station, and microwave, to name a few. The price for this jet is between $13 and $14 million.

Flying In Style

If you made it this far, you now know a bit more about the different private jets made by Bombardier. They are all quite different, with unique factors and details that persuade different target audiences. The price range is also wide and it is able to fit different wallets and needs – all there’s left to do is to find the perfect one for you!

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