how high does a private jet fly

How High Does a Private Jet Fly (With Stats & Jet Models)

Private jets fly higher than commercial flights and they can actually reach altitudes of more than 51,000 ft! However, most of them don’t usually operate …

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Top 9 Most Reliable Private Jets (With Pictures & Statistics)

Private jets are the ultimate definition of flying in comfort, surrounded by luxury, however, there’s always a permanent question in our heads: Safety. We often …

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bombardier private jet price list

Bombardier Private Jet Price List (With Pictures & Prices)

Popular and well-known for its amazing private jets, Bombardier is a leader in the private aviation industry, even having its hands on the train industry. …

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how much runway does a private jet need

How Much Runway Does a Private Jet Need

Private jets are the absolute best, as they provide us with all the luxury, privacy, and commodities we could ask for. Furthermore, their adaptability is …

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most economical private jet

Top 11 Most Economical Private Jets

There are so many reasons why private jets are an amazing way to travel – not only are they more private and comfortable, but you …

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cost to land private plane at airport

How Much Does It Cost to Land a Private Plane at an Airport

If you’re trying to understand more about private jets, you must have already understood that these aircraft are quite convenient and can help you save …

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helicopter vs private jet comparison

Helicopter vs Private Jet: An In-Depth Comparison

Choosing between a helicopter and a private jet for private aviation can be a conundrum. Both offer a luxurious escape from commercial flights and promise …

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Best Private Jet With Bed

Top 11 Best Private Jets With Beds

Private jets are a synonym for comfort, class, and extravagant, tasteful, conveniences. Owning a private jet is a dream for many pilots and businessmen, however, …

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single engine private jet

Top 5 Single-Engine Private Jets

Owning a jet is a great way of traveling independently and it is full of advantages. No more waiting in lines, full-on privacy, and the …

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who invented private planes

Who Invented Private Planes? (Full History With Pictures)

Funny enough, the industry of aviation started as a private project, since aircraft weren’t able to carry more than a couple of passengers, however, it …

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private jet pets

Private Jet Pets: What You Need to Know (Updated)

For all of us who own pets, traveling can be quite challenging. Taking a pet has proved to be difficult, either due to the way …

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Best Mid Size Private Jets

Best Mid Size Private Jets (With Pictures and Prices)

For easier navigation through a very detailed and complex world, the industry of private jets is divided into a few categories, or types, which are …

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Can You Smoke On a Private Jet

Can You Smoke On a Private Jet? (Updated)

Can you smoke on a private jet? Yes. Currently, there are no laws that prevent smoking tobacco on private jets. Now, if you’re chartering a …

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private jet crash statistics

Private Jet Crash Statistics (Updated)

Is it safe to fly private? In other words, how safe are often do private jets crash? If you want to discover some private jet …

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What's the Price of a G6 Jet

What’s the Price of a G6 Jet? (With Pictures and Numbers)

The “G6” – a popular nickname for the extremely successful Gulfstream G650 private jet – is a wonder of modern private aviation. If you’re wondering …

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Do You Need a Passport for a Private Jet Flight?

If you’re planning to fly privately, you’ve likely asked yourself if you need a passport for a private jet flight – while it depends on …

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Top 11 Fastest Private Jets in the World (With Pictures)

Flying commercial has its ups and downs, but its major disadvantage is the long hours in waiting lines and the lengthy flights. That’s why, if …

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Safest Private Jets in the World

Top 8 Safest Private Jets in the World (With Pictures)

When thinking about the most crucial qualities of a private jet, safety is undoubtedly the top one. The aviation industry has made leaps and bounds …

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best private jets under 20 million

Top 11 Best Private Jets Under 20 Million (With Pictures)

If you want to own an elegant and efficient private jet, but you don’t want to break the bank, luckily, you can still fly in …

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smallest private jets

Smallest Private Jets in the World (With Pictures)

If you want to fly privately in a compact but fast, effective and safe manner, nothing beats a small private jet, especially in terms of …

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biggest private jets in the world

13 Biggest Private Jets in the World (With Pictures)

Interested in the world of private aviation and wondering what the world’s biggest private jets are? Well you’ve come to the right place, as today …

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cost of owning private jet

What’s the Cost of Owning a Private Jet? Everything You Need to Know

Wondering what the cost of owning a private jet is? Before understanding how much owning a private jet costs, you should ask yourself a question: …

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Longest Range Private Jets

The 11 Longest Range Private Jets (With Numbers and Pictures)

Interested in knowing what the longest range private jet is? Well we’ve got you covered with an updated list of all the private jets with …

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