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Best Private Jet With BedPrivate jets are a synonym for comfort, class, and extravagant, tasteful, conveniences. Owning a private jet is a dream for many pilots and businessmen, however, there’s more to it than most imagine. Some of these are absolute flying bedrooms, that’s right, some private jets have incorporated bedrooms, with plenty of commodities for the passenger to rest in peace during the flight. When we’re talking about a long-distance flight, having a place to sleep comes in handy and makes the trip much easier to endure.

These private jet bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, from small to extra-large jets, and today, we will share with you the 11 best private jets with beds, ranked from the most expensive to the most affordable, within different price ranges, so you can find the one that suits you the best.

What is the best private jet with beds in the world?

The Boeing 787 VIP Dreamliner is the world’s best private jet with beds, with an overall cost of about $189 million. Its capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 40 people and the high number of sleeping spots puts it on top of our list.

Best Private Jet With Bed

As you can see in the chart above, the Boeing 787 VIP Dreamliner ($189 million), the Bombardier Global 7500 ($72 million), and the Boeing Business Jet ($71 million) are the 3 world’s best private jets with beds.

We’ve kept a diverse list of jets from all sizes and price ranges, so keep reading and find more about the best private jets with beds, in the market.

Learn more about these great jets, as well as about all the other entries – just keep reading our article!

1- Boeing 787 VIP Dreamliner – $189 million

Boeing 787 VIP Dreamliner - Best Private Jet With Bed

Image by Masakatsu Ukon

The real definition of luxury, the Boeing 787 VIP Dreamliner is a whole new game. This private jet, in size, can be compared to a house, literally, and its comfort is out of this world. This Boeing can take up to 40 passengers and can take you anywhere in the world, on one single trip.

In the main lounge, there’s a dining area with two large sofas that turn into beds and allow 6 passengers to sleep comfortably, which, when added up to the seats and divans that can also turn into beds, amount to a large number of comfortable sleeping spots. The main bedroom has a large and super pleasant bed, plus a walk-in shower, with two lavatories.

With a bed like this, it is hard not to relax during a long flight – it’s the private jet of dreams. It costs roughly $189 million.

2 – Bombardier Global 7500 – $72 million

Bombardier Global 7500 - Best Private Jet With Bed

Image by Matti Blume

As the world’s largest private jet, the Bombardier Global 7500 arrived in 2018 and it contains one of the widest cabins for its class, giving its passengers way more comfort and coziness than its competitors.

This private jet has a master bedroom, which has a real double bed, instead of a converted one – this suite is the definition of luxury, featuring a complete lavatory, with the option of adding a shower, making it perfect for long flights.

Besides that, there’s a divan in the entertainment suite that folds into a bed, where you can sleep or simply enjoy, more comfortably, the movie theater set up in this area. Adding to all of these amenities, the Bombardier Global 7500 has the largest galley, with a microwave, an espresso machine, and a refrigerator.

This private jet is an absolute gem, and in case you have a crew team on board, they also have a rest area too, where they can lie down or sit during the flight. The price for this jet is $72 million.

3 – Boeing Business Jet – $71 million

Boeing Business Jet - Best Private Jet With Bed

Image by Riik@mctr

Considered one of the largest commercially available private jets, the Boeing Business Jet is complete with all the luxuries and amenities needed for an amazing flying experience. This jet has the size of an airline-type aircraft, ideal for those who want a private flight, inside a larger jet.

It is equipped with all the commodities you need and a few different possible configurations, from washrooms with showers to dining areas, places made for working, and a master bedroom. All the seats can be reclined and turned into beds, for a comfortable nap, however, it is in the master bedroom that you can find a double, extra comfortable, bed.

In this master bedroom, there’s even a private entertainment system and a bathroom. On the rest of the jet, you can also find a wide kitchen area and a crew space, as well. The price of this private jet is $71 million.

4 – Gulfstream G650ER – $66 million

Gulfstream G650ER - Best Private Jet With Bed

Image by Airwolfhound

The Gulfstream G650ER is a large private jet that can carry up to 14 passengers, with four different cabin configurations. This customization makes it possible to choose the cabin space that suits you the best, but in all of the four options, there are always three beds and at least one divan.

These beds are made from seats that convert electronically into fully-flat surfaces. The divan converts into a double bed. This private jet is ideal for bigger groups while maintaining comfort and various accommodations for sleeping.

Besides that, it has all the amenities, which include an area with an entertainment system where you can watch your favorite TV show even in the sky, power outlets, headsets, and even cabin speakers. There’s also a kitchen area with a refreshment center, an espresso machine, a freezer, a microwave, and even a refrigerator.

The Gulfstream G650ER costs approximately $66 million.

5 – Bombardier Global 6000 – $60 million

Bombardier Global 6000 - Best Private Jet With Bed

Image by Anna Zvereva

From Bombardier’s Global series, this jet is the definition of class and finesse, as it comes with a large cabin, fitted to transport a high number of passengers – up to 14. Some jets not only have their main cabin, which is quite spacious, but also a stateroom option, which is a second, smaller, and more private room.

In terms of sitting, they all turn into beds, being able to accommodate 7 sleepy passengers. Inclusive, there’s the possibility of having two double beds, one in the main cabin, and a divan in the second one. These seats can be reconfigured in many ways, providing various options for the necessities of each passenger.

The Bombardier Global 6000 has a lavatory and a bunch of technological amenities to improve your flight experience. This private jet can cost between $21 million and $60 million.

6 – Bombardier Global Express – $45 million

Bombardier Global Express - Best Private Jet With Bed

Image by Andre Wadman

Another one of the Bombardier Global family, the Global Express is used mostly for extra-long flights and has all the commodities needed to make it comfortable enough for its passengers. It has 12 sitting seats, but it can take up to 16 passengers and just like the other models, this jet has a divan that turns into a bed for a peaceful rest.

Some have a stateroom, known as the second room, with seats that rotate into fully flat beds, usually enough for 5 passengers to sleep at the same time. Adding to these features, there is a galley and two lavatory areas, plus all the entertainment appliances, like Wi-Fi and HD monitors, to name a couple.

The Bombardier Global Express has a cost of $45 million if purchased new.

7 – Dassault Falcon 900 – $44 million

Dassault Falcon 900 - Best Private Jet With Bed

Image by Acroterion

Known for being quite comfortable, the Dassault Falcon 900 is very popular for its efficiency and luxury. This private jet can fit up to 12 people sitting and even though it does not have a physical bed, it has different options that can be turned into beds.

Its comfortable cabin has a divan that can be transformed into a spacious bed, and also two seats that are locked together and, when reclined, can make for a full-length bed. All chairs can be leaned back to provide each passenger with a comfortable flight experience.

The Dassault Falcon 900 has everything a passenger needs for an excellent flight, not only the previously mentioned comfort but there’s also the quietness that allows a peaceful trip and luxuries that can only be provided by a private jet.

This jet has 3 different lounge areas and time-tested systems and its purchase price depends on the model you choose from this series, the most expensive ones going as high as $44 million.

8 – Embraer Legacy 500 – $20 million

Embraer Legacy 500 - Best Private Jet With Bed

Image by Markus Eigenheer

Viewed as a medium size jet, the Embraer Legacy 500 is a star when it comes to seating design. This private jet carries 7 to 10 passengers and its cabin is quite spacious, giving a more luxurious feeling to everyone flying inside it.

All the seats can be reclined and turned into beds, plus, since they are back-to-back seats, they can also be locked together to provide a secure feeling, as well as an even more comfortable trip.

The Embraer Legacy 500 comes with other commodities, like Wi-Fi, an entertainment system with a Blu-ray player and HDMI ports, and even an apple store. This private jet has also a kitchen, with a microwave and oven, and at last but not least, it is pet-friendly! It comes with a purchase price of $20 million.

9 – Cessna Citation XL/XLS/XLS+ – $13 million

Cessna Citation XL - Best Private Jet With Bed

Image by Aero Icarus

One of the most popular private jets, the Citation XL/XLS/XLS+ series is a fan favorite, because not only are they cost-effective, but they are quite comfortable too. These jets have a 6 extra-wide seat configuration, all of which fully recline to turn into comfortable beds. Some models of the Cessna Citation also come with a divan couch.

These seats are quite comfortable and feel exactly like a bed, allowing the passengers a peaceful and relaxing sleep during the flight. Adding to that, these private jets come with an entertainment system, a lavatory area, and a refreshment center equipped with beverages and snacks.

This private jet costs roughly $13 million.

10 – Embraer Phenom 300 – $9 million

Embraer Phenom 300 - Best Private Jet With Bed

Image by DaHuzyBru

Even though it’s a lighter and smaller option, the Embraer Phenom 300 is a jet that can take up to 7 people, while being quite comfortable and spacious. The design of this private jet is elegant and modern, and its interior ensures quality and comfort.

The sitting design provides the passengers with more legroom, headroom, and even extra space between the seats, which is unique for a light jet. Its seats are large and can be converted into lie-flat beds, making it possible to take a nap during flights.

Besides that, the cabin is designed to have a service galley, with cabinets filled with all the refreshments and snacks you might need. The Embraer Phenom 300 purchase price is about $9 million.

11 – Hawker 400XP – $7 million

Hawker 400XP - Best Private Jet With Bed

Image by Steven Byles

The Hawker 400XP is a small, twin-engine, light private jet that is ready to accommodate all your necessities. This amazing jet has a very comfortable and spacious cabin and can take up to 7 passengers.

If you want to rest, listen to this – all the seats are adjustable, rotate 360 degrees, and fully recline to turn into beds. Furthermore, most models also include a 3-person divan, which can turn fully flat, to sleep on. Adding to these amenities, the Hawker 400XP is fully equipped with a lavatory, a mini galley, and an entertainment system.

The Hawker 400XP costs between $2.1 and $7 million.

Flying Has Never Been More Peaceful

Even though there are many options for private jets, these are the most comfortable, luxurious, and wide-range priced jets in the market. Flying with a bed is a necessity, and everyone knows the importance of a good rest, especially during a long flight.

Whether you are flying alone or with your family and friends, comfort can never be too much, the real question now is: Which one to choose?

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