The Boeing 747 is the undisputed king of air travel—it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that these are the best of the best!

One of the fastest flights in the world, Boeing 747 jets can average 614 miles an hour, with a take-off weight capacity of 875,000 pounds and 987,000 pounds in the freight flights. The flight’s travel range is between 6,100-9,200 miles an hour, though this also depends on the 747 variant you’re traveling by.

And it may blow your mind, but if you have the money, a 747 private jet charter is a possibility, and yes, the luxury is unparalleled! A 747 private jet charter has a whopping 4,800-plus square foot worth of space, and in this space, it’s highly commonplace to find features such as a stateroom, twin decks, piano bars, lounge areas, and smoking areas. It’s luxury redefined – hence why it’s so incredibly expensive.

747 charter

Such jets can accommodate anywhere between 412 and 605 passengers and are a popular option among casinos. Many casinos operate 747 private jet charters not only as executive lounges but also as gambling lounges.

Even though 747 charters are quite rare, you can still use aggregator services with a huge network (big enough to include the famous 747 jets) to book one for yourself, your company or your group. Take a look at our top recommended services below and start planning your 747 jet charter today:

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747s are also a popular option for international travel; as heavy jets, they can max out 10-12 hours of non-stop flight time, and even 16, in some cases, though this depends on the aircraft’s speed, size and efficiency.

Modern 747 cabins feature sleek interiors, which means they’re replete with expanded bin space overhead, accent lighting and lots of in-flight entertainment.

The luxurious option that it is, a 747 private jet charter can cost you a cool $25,000 an hour! Don’t worry though; if you think only Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can afford a 747 private jet charter, you can share your jet charter – a jet-charter sharing service will bring down the costs, even though it’ll always be quite steep to ride on the undisputed king of air travel.

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