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What does the price of the flight include?

The Total Price only covers the cost of fuel, aircraft maintenance, normal landing and parking fees, ground services (including loading and unloading) and dispatch costs for the aircraft, remuneration and expenses of operating personnel and cost of service for passengers during flights. The Total Price does not include any taxes, levies or charges assessed or imposed by any taxing authority directly upon the execution or performance of this agreement or the flights hereunder (including VAT), or the carriage, embarkation or disembarkation of passengers, or de-icing of the aircraft at any stage of the flight, or the loading or unloading of baggage and/or goods, all of which shall be paid by the customer on demand.

What should I do in order to confirm my booking?

We invite you to send us a signed copy of the contract, a copy of the passengers’ ID or passport, as well as a proof of payment (payment by bank transfer or credit card accepted).

Can I change my booking?

Any changes such as dates, schedule, itinerary or number of passengers needs to be approved by the carrier and it depends on the availability of the airplane and the airport. Extra fees may be incurred.

What is your policy on cancellation fees?

If you cancel more than 72 hours before the flight, you will be liable for 20% of the service price including all taxes,

If you cancel between 72 hours and 24 hours before the flight, you will be liable for 50% of the service price including all taxes,

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the flight, you will be liable for 100% of the service price including all taxes.

How can I pay?

We accept payments by bank transfer, by Visa or MasterCard (incurring a 2% surcharge), or by American Express (incurring a 5% surcharge).

Does the price include VAT?

VAT is only applicable on domestic flights in France, at a rate of 10%.

Would Wijet be able to organise a car transfer for us? Helicopter transfer?

Yes, we can organise this service for an extra fee. Please do not hesitate to ask us at any time.

When do I receive my boarding pass? Do I need to print it out?

Our sales team will send you the boarding pass 24 hours before take-off. It will include all the relevant information for your flight (crew details, aircraft registration number and airport terminal information etc.).

You do not need to print it out as you will not be asked to show it on arrival at the terminal

Which other documents should I have?

You should have the identity card or passport given to our team for the booking. If you travel with pets, their official documents must be with you.

How long before take-off do I have to be at the airport?

We invite you to be at the airport terminal indicated on your boarding pass no later than 20 minutes before take-off.

How much luggage can I bring? Can I bring special larger items such as golf clubs or skis?

The luggage allowance depends on number of passengers, itineraries and airport fields. However, please note that for some itineraries, this amount may be reduced. Please inform our sales team at the time of the booking if you wish to carry any special equipment such as skis or golf clubs etc.

Is it possible to change the number of passengers before the departure?

Yes, it is possible without extra fees with our fleet.

However, some destinations have strict customs restrictions (such as the United Kingdom for example).

Please send us a copy of the identity document(s) for the extra passenger(s) so that we can transmit these to the customs authorities.

What should I do if I want to update my flight?

For any last-minute requests, please contact us as soon as possible. We will do our best to fulfil your needs but are unable to guarantee this will be possible.

What measures are applicable for transporting guns and hunting equipment?

You need to provide us with your hunting licence as well as your gun licence ahead of the flight. Please see the information on hazardous goods.

What will happen in the event of bad weather conditions?

Unfortunately, your flight may be delayed or cancelled in the event of bad weather conditions. Your safety is our first priority and the decision to take-off or not is up to the captain or the aviation authorities. Any refund depends on the carrier’s general terms and conditions.

We commit to monitoring the weather forecast before your flight in order to inform you as quickly as possible and to help you make alternative arrangements if necessary.

Are disabled people able to travel on a HondaJet?

Please get in touch with us if there are disabled passengers and we will see what we can do.

Are pregnant women allowed to travel?

A medical certificate is not required for traveling on our HondaJets. However, we do recommend you seek medical advice from your doctor before your journey.

Are pets allowed on board?

Yes, Wijet accepts pets up to a weight of 35 kg.

However, each animal must be accompanied by a passenger and each animal must be able to use a seat.

Please note also that there are certain rules for flights to the United Kingdom. We will provide the details of these if you would like to book such a destination.


Is Wi-Fi available on board?

No Internet connection is offered on board.

Do your planes have toilet facilities?

Yes they do. We have a closed space at the back of the aircraft with a sink and a mirror too.

Is smoking permitted on board?

For safety reasons, it is not possible to smoke on our aircraft.

Can I request a meal service on board?

Yes. We offer traditional snacks on board as well as hot, cold and sparkling drinks. If you would like something more substantial, we are certainly able to help out and can suggest a menu.